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The culture of having another home in New Zealand in popular tourist spots like rivers, seas and lakes is not alien; many locals even call them ‘bach’ or ‘crib’ depending on where they came from. However, the word ‘crib’ is been used in many other countries as well to refer to a house.

With all the uniqueness- that virtually all homes have, and the ample space that many of them have. You would not be surprised to find a lot of locals and tourists renting this privately owned holiday homes unlike the usual hotels, one would find them very comfortable and a wonderful place to spend your holiday where you will have all that a home should have.

There is a wide range of variety to choose from, ranging from the small single bedroom houses to massive four or five bedroom double storey houses located near the mountains. Moreover, they came in all different designs- some with latest finishing you can find.

You can go online if in search of one and would be amazed at the variety and the number that you would come across all located in different parts of New Zealand


Holiday houses In New Zealand

The bach is a New Zealand icon.  Short for bachelor pad (despite the fact that they are often owned by families), a bach is also known as a holiday house.  The widespread practice of owning a second home became popular in New Zealand in the 1950’s, when the popularity and affordability of cars, combined with better quality public roads, made the holiday lifestyle more accessible for the middle class.  Today, a large number of Kiwi families own a bach (or crib, as they are sometimes called in the South Island.)

Bach’s are usually (and logically) located in areas of great natural beauty, such as lakeside or by the beach.  Many of the bach’s that sprung up during the 1950’s were built and designed by their owners, creating the tongue in cheek description of a bach as something you built yourself, on land you don’t own, out of materials you borrowed or stole.

Today, holiday houses in New Zealand run the gauntlet from the modest, original beach houses of the 1950’s to ultra modern, architecturally designed luxury villas.  They can be found in every region of New Zealand.   The country’s prevalent holiday home culture makes finding something to suit your preferences a lot easier.  Qualmark even has a holiday house category; holiday houses with a Qualmark badge have been rigorously assessed, ensuring that you are receiving quality accommodation.

Bach’s are generally rented out by the week and are provided fully furnished and with basic home wares, such as linen, cutlery and crockery.  The price includes utilities, but you will have to pay for your phone calls and groceries.  Unlike a hotel, you will not have a staff cleaning your room or assisting you with anything; you will be responsible for such things.  A bach getaway provides you with the opportunity to be self sufficient, and you may be able to use the owner as a reference if you are seeking long term accommodation.

The owner of your bach can provide you with local information, such as the best restaurant in the area.  Otherwise, a visit to the towns tourism centre can also yield information on any events or activities that are taking place.

Renting a bach is usually cheaper than the equivalent cost of renting out a hotel room for a week and provides a more authentic New Zealand experience.  The relative isolation (compared to a busy hotel) also makes holiday homes the natural choice for anyone seeking some alone time.