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Saving money on your flights to New Zealand

The most expensive part of most visitors’ travels to New Zealand is the flights. Flying long haul seldom comes cheap, but there are plenty of things that you can to do help cut down the cost. Here we take a look at some useful tips to help you minimise the cost of your New Zealand holiday flights.

If you plan to travel by air throughout New Zealand, you could make big savings by investing in a New Zealand Air Pass. These special tickets can cover three, four, or five interior flights and can save you a lot of money compared to purchasing all of these flights separately. There are several international airports in New Zealand – Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington and Christchurch.

Flight prices can vary from airport to airport depending on how popular flights to these airports are at any one time. It can pay to do some comparing online to see which airport is cheapest to travel to on your preferred date of travel. The savings you make could more than pay for a connecting flight to your preferred airport. Direct flights can be convenient, but they’re often the most expensive way to travel. If you’re keen to explore more of the world en route to New Zealand, then opting for indirect flights that stop off at Pacific Ocean destinations along the way can cut your airfares, as well as giving you the chance to see more on your vacation. January is a good time to buy via Air New Zealand as they release their flight specials around this time.

You should be able to find special deals on flights taking off later in the year up until September. If your travel plans are flexible, avoid high season and book an autumn trip (March to June) or in the spring (August to November). You’ll still find weather to die for, but flight and accommodation prices will be cheaper, and there’ll be fewer tourists around so you can enjoy a more relaxing break too. For the cheapest way to fly, search online rather than booking through a travel agent. Always compare airlines and make use of specialist sites like DialAFlight where you can get instant updates on the latest New Zealand flights all year round.

It is worth shopping around if you want to find the best flight deals to New Zealand

It is worth shopping around if you want to find the best flight deals to New Zealand – check out different travel agents and online flight prices between airlines before making a decision. A useful websites for comparing flight prices is flight to new zealand.

There are daily flights from Australia to New Zealand with Air New Zealand, Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Blue and Emirates. Many of these airlines have regular price specials and package deals, so it is worth taking your time or booking in advance for a bargain. Keep in mind that at certain times of the year the price of flights may increase, so consider travelling off-peak during the Winter, Autumn and Spring months (avoiding the three midterm school holiday breaks in April, June to July and September to October).

There are seven international airports located across New Zealand including Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Auckland, the largest and most visited international airport in New Zealand. Transfers from international to domestic airports in any part of the country are possible, making it relatively easy to access any part of the country.

When landing in New Zealand you will need to complete an arrival card to present with your valid passport to Customs Passport Controls. These cards are usually handed out during your flight and are available in the arrival area. After collecting your baggage you are able to declare goods or exit to the main part of the terminal.

New Zealand Flight Tips

It is always best to be as prepared as possible when planning for an overseas trip, it is usually expected to be a lengthy and expensive trip although it doesn't have to be like this.

As always it is best to do your research when booking a flight, make sure to check all the different airlines for best deals and be aware of times there may be specials as alot of the airlines will provide an hour or two of online specials for booking flights.

Cheaper flights are mostly available in the middle of the night, during the times when most people don't want to travel. Be flexible as booking a red eye flight could save you a few hundred dollers.

Although these flights may be cheap they are often leaving off the price of baggage and taxes which will be conveniantly added on just before checkout, make sure you have the full price before paying.

Be aware of extra baggage charges, there will be a limit of how many bags you can take with you and what the total weight of luggage per person is, if you exceed this limit you will be charged with a fee for extra baggage. This is especially important on the way home as many people will have done a fair bit of shopping and will be bringing back alot more then what they left home with.

Always be prepared before leaving home make sure you have your passport, itinery and any other documentation you will need on arrival to the airport.

Shop around and be prepared and you will usually have a cheaper trip leaving you more money for more important things, such as enjoying yourself at your destination.

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