New Zealand Farmstay


It is at times advisable to try different things and one of them is looking for an accommodation in a farm -though not very popular. Most hotels worldwide are usually quite similar with the posh modern finishing, tourist flocking in and out. Farmstays would  offer you great diversity and a uniqueness that can be compared to none , unlike the business like atmosphere you would get in most town hotels and it would also enable you get to know a lot about New Zealand which is a great agricultural country.

If you are visiting New Zealand and opt to for the Farmstays, it would expose you to the actual New Zealand life and the day-to-day lifestyle of traditional farmers especially when one get to live in the luxury of a traditional New Zealand, rural home setting. There are also self- contained accommodations available.
One of the things I love most about farm accommodation is the home-cooked foods straight from the farm, which in addition to being tasty is very healthy food. This Farmstays also give one the opportunity to be able to participate in farming activities, which also acts as a great bonding activity.

Unlike the five star hotels where you find everything is business like. One can participate in planting, harvesting, shearing. Milking cows and lambing all this depending on what the farmer does, the season and the type of machinery they would use. You would not have to confine yourself to the farm all day but can go out and indulge in other activities, as horse trekking and fishing. One would certainly find diversity.

For those who have a keen interest in farming activities: You would find the Agricultural and pastoral shows of great interest-where you can see the way farming is done and all the new developments, particularly the one held at Mystery Creek very close to Hamilton, it usually comes on every year around the middle of the year. There are also others shows, held countrywide in all cities and towns at different times of the year but annually.

Accomodation in farmstays

Whilst you journey throughout New Zealand, you will probably notice the seemingly endless collection of open fields housing immense farms, vibrant orchards and sun drenched vineyards.  The farms of New Zealand produce a high quality of food and beverage to people all over the world;  some of the country’s quality exports include meat, dairy and, of course, the wine’s for which the nation is famous.  The isolated farming regions of New Zealand are a beautiful and colourful area in which to stay.  If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, you should go online to peruse the various farm stays available to tourists.

A farm stay is similar to home stay accommodation but with one big difference – instead of being placed in the suburban home of a New Zealand family, you are placed on their farm.  Farm stays are a fantastic opportunity to experience rural life and live an authentic farming lifestyle.  Farm stay families are especially screened to ensure that they are sensitive to foreign cultures and in limited circumstances you may be placed with a family that speaks your language.

New Zealand’s farms are plentiful and diverse.  While sheep, cattle and dairy are the most common, you could also be placed on a farm that rears horses, pigs or even llama.  Other unique experiences include bee keeping and salmon farming.  Most New Zealand tourist sites provide a list of farm stay options which means you can choose anything!

On farm stays, you are not only encouraged but expected to help with the jobs and tasks carried out day to day.  In this authentic environment, you are given the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.  You could be milking cows, shearing sheep or herding animals, depending on the farm you choose.

In nearly all cases, you will be provided accommodation on the farm.  A few farm stays offer self contained off site accommodation.  You will also enjoy large, home cooked meals – essential after a hard day of work.  In your spare time, you will be able to partake in outdoor recreational pursuits such as fishing, water sports and horse riding.  If you choose to stay at a farm while studying, your farm stay family or school can help you arrange transport.

You will also have the chance to join in with whatever is happening in your host family’s life.  Agricultural and pastoral shows are the annual highlight of rural New Zealand and can be great fun.  A and P shows give farming families the chance to show off their produce and also provide live music and entertainment.  For residents of the North Island, the world’s largest agricultural field day is held in June at Mystery Creek in the middle of Waikato’s dairy farming region.

Farm stays provide an authentic, once in a lifetime opportunity for travellers who wish to enjoy a rural farming lifestyle.  The life of a farmer is hard work, but the experience is also very rewarding.