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One of New Zealand’s largest secondary schools, Burnside High School is located on a spacious 16.2 hectares in Christchurch

Burnside High School

One of New Zealand’s largest secondary schools, Burnside High School is well-placed to offer a large range of specialty subjects along within its overall curriculum. The school’s ethos is one of excellence, individual care for its students and high-quality teaching and learning resources. Approximately 2564 students attend the school with about 180 of those being international students

Burnside High School is located in spacious, landscaped facilities in the north west of Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city. Christchurch is a lively city with a fascinating range of social and cultural resources to enjoy, from the parks and gardens the city is known for, to the diverse Asian and European cuisines, the museums, music and theatre, and plenty of space for bicycles and walking.

Burnside High School is laid out on 16.2 hectares of open space with gardens and trees, courtyards and sporting fields. Facilities include 2 gymnasiums, outdoor swimming pool, athletics track and the Aurora Centre for the Performing Arts.

The buildings are modern and well-equipped, including the library, classrooms and administration complex. The facilities are well-maintained, as is the environment and students are encouraged to care for and respect these as well.

International students are cared for by dedicated professionals who assist them with their adjustment to life at Burnside, academic requirements, English language needs and living arrangements, in order to create a safe and satisfying experience of school at Burnside High.

Why choose Burnside High School?

When you study at Burnside High School you will:

  1. Receive individual care and attention to help you achieve your best with a first-rate education.
  2. Study in an environment that values excellence, encourages exploration of your interests and talents and provides a safe and satisfying experience of education.
  3. Enjoy a touch of family life in a home away from home.
  4. Have the chance to make lifelong friendships with the other students you meet at Burnside.
  5. Learn more about New Zealand, the Kiwi way of life and the social and cultural attractions of NewZealand’s second largest city.
Burnside High School
Burnside High School

Burnside High School Subjects and Entry Requirements

Burnside High School offers subjects in the following areas, varying with the year of study

Art Design Art History, Art Painting, Art Photography, Art Printmaking & Art Sculpture.

Digital Technologies:
Digital Technology Infrastructure, Digital Technology Programming Computer Science & Databases, Digital Technology Digital Media, Digital Technology Project Based Learning.

The Maths Department is equally as diverse and challenging, offering Cambridge Maths for those suitable.

English Courses

ESOL is available for all international students, including the option of intensive tuition as needed.


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