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Many photographers take the pleasure in clicking exclusive portraits, wedding snaps, architectural photos, and “extreme” photos. The artwork needs to be practiced with patience and diligence. And, it pays off for those who put in an effort.

Photography is a Fine Art which Captures Precious Moments and Gives Huge Profit to the Cameraman

Portraits and still photos are an essential part of photography. Whether it a wedding ceremony or birth of a new one in the family, the jubilation cannot be complete without eye-catching photographs. Years later, the memorable canvas would bring back the cherished moments once again. In short, still images are a form of fine art and top photographers in New Zealand have ensured that this form of art survives even in the days where videos and electronic media seem to be an attractive option.

Types of Still Photography
Still photography is quite a popular form of art in New Zealand. Many cameramen have opened shops in Auckland, Wellington, Wanganui, and many more places in the country to capture perfect photos in social events. Portraits of new born, cherished moments of bride and bridegroom, family photos, and group photos rule the roost. However, wall pictures, unique canvas of models in various emotions have also made their mark in the world of photography. You could easily gift the masterpieces in form of:

  • Decorated albums
  • Easels
  • Artistic frames
  • Wall papers
  • Funky canvases
  • Cards
  • Mantelpieces through lamination

…And, these showcase the brilliance of the photographer. Through word-of-mouth and viral marketing, the artwork of the cameraman reaches to potential customers.

Ways to Promote Still Photography
The Auckland Photography Society and similar organizations organize workshops, exhibitions, and promotional events for photographers to showcase their artwork. Many online image libraries buy and keep the one-of-its-kind portraits and various other still pictures for later use. Auckland Heritage Images Online and Auckland Museum Pictorial Archive are some sites which host images for other sites and journals to buy the photos – sometimes at a high price too.

It is also possible to register to groups catering to independent photographers. From time to time, these groups, such New Zealand Center for Photograph, New Zealand Journal for Photography, and the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography provide seminars, workshops, and exhibitions for the photographers. It also serves as a platform for customers to interact with a cameraman.

Standing Out from the Ordinary
If you are an adventure freak, you should try extreme photography. While shooting landscapes, portraiture of an extreme situation can easily enchant any viewer. Top jobs for such snaps offer a high salary. You could work as studio photographers, photography production managers, studio assistants, school photographers, wedding cameramen, and portrait photographers.

Many students work part-time or work as an intern in various photo studios and photography presses. Some work as a photo retoucher or staff photographer under a photo director to hone their skills in still photography.

In a nutshell, a portrait photograph reflects more than just an image. It helps businesses to grow and art to flourish. It is a novel profession which would never wither off.

  • Martinborough Fair (February/March) – A country fair held in the town square, with market stalls selling art, craft, fashion and many other items.
  • Ignition – Hamilton Fringe Festival (June) – Almost every art form is celebrated in this quirky, offbeat fringe festival. Enjoy everything from live theatre, music, poetry, multimedia, visual arts and film.
  • CHB The Festival (September) – A combined arts festival in the Hawke’s Bay region, involving the Centralines Art Extravaganza, Farmlands Flower Power and Garden Expo, WETA Sculpture Symposium and WETA Children's Art.
  • Craft and Quilt Fair (September) – A massive craft event with a wide variety of products for sale and advice for craft enthusiasts.
  • Air New Zealand Fashion Week (September) – See the hottest clothes from the New Zealand fashion scene, with collection launches, designer shows and new range releases.
  • Waikato Home & Garden Show (October) – An innovative design festival for redecorating, interior design, renovating, landscaping and interior and outdoor furnishing. Your home can look as good as a magazine cover with some inspiration from industry experts and sophisticated displays.
  • Art in a Garden (October/November) – Waipara-based celebration of garden sculpture, pottery, photography and garden design.
  • Tartan Week (June/July) – Highland heritage, national dances, costumes and music are celebrated in this Celtic Waipu festival.
  • Dunkleys Great NZ Craft Show (July) – A popular arts and crafts event with market stalls and opportunities to network with some of the nations leading craftspeople.