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Serviced apartments would be an ideal option for those that would wish to get a temporal long term accommodation though one can also use them for short stay, you would usually find them located in the central business district or where their are major tourist attractions.

Serviced apartments are actually vacant houses for rental fully furnished with the house household effects, with some even coming with cupboards stocked with your preferred foods. They would be ideal especially for families that want to stay under one roof and continue with their normal household activities. Many business people also find them very suitable accommodations.

They’re also very affordable given the fact that one has the option of doing there own cooking and sharing rooms with other family members and would certainly be an ideal alternative for the traditional hotel setting.


Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are a sort of compromise between a hotel room and an apartment.  A serviced apartment is a fully furnished, self contained unit with a bedroom, living area, kitchen or kitchenette and bathroom.  More luxurious apartments will have more rooms.  Serviced apartments are self catering and provide the guest with more room than a typical hotel room.

Unlike a residential apartment complex, serviced apartments are attended to by the hotel’s cleaning staff and are serviced on a regular basis.  Hotel management and staff are available to offer assistance when necessary.  Residents of these apartments also enjoy the perks of hotel living, such as valet parking and the use of the complexes facilities.

As serviced apartments are usually rented by business people, you will often find them in and around the town’s central business district and major attractions.  For roughly the same price as a hotel room, residents enjoy a larger space and better amenities.  Some establishments also offer extra services, like doing your grocery shopping for you.  Serviced apartments can be rented out on a long term or short term basis.

Serviced apartments combine the extra living space of an apartment with the advantages of hotel service and facilities.