Many international entrepreneurs set up business in New Zealand. Although there may be initial hassles, the immigrants can pursue their trade. They need to stay self-employed for at least 2 years before applying for a suitable visa to pursue their own business in the country.

Not all immigrants are skilled workers who wish to work as employees at various firms in New Zealand. Many entrepreneurs look for opportunities to set up their business in the country while some try to become a franchisee. The businessmen must address the visa formalities and apply for a particular visa that would help them to stay on in the country and pursue their business.

The prospective entrepreneur immigrants are also given suitable advice by appropriate authorities regarding New Zealand tax rules and business laws. Advices would also be given on how to start a business from scratch, whom to seek advice from, and how to get permanent residency in the country without much hassle.

Picking the Correct Business Choice
Some immigrants from European or developed nations create a business plan prior to their coming to New Zealand. They take advice from consultants of their own country. However, immigrants from Asian countries, tend to work first in a firm before setting up their shop. When ready, they look forward to retail or catering services to start their business. Learning the English language and communicating with the people in the same is an essential prerequisite of setting up business in New Zealand.

Make sure you seek advice from the correct resource, such as:

Migration and Visa Formalities
Foreign entrepreneurs, who want to settle in New Zealand with their full-fledged business, must be self-employed for two years and pursue their own business successfully in the country. To further consolidate their position in the country, they must apply for Work Visa under the Long Term Business Category.

Entrepreneur Category
The foreign settlers can try for permanent residency under the Entrepreneur Category. Initially a 9-month Work visa would be granted to the immigrants. They need to establish their business within this time and then, look forward to a 3-year Work Visa.

Entrepreneur Plus Category
Under the Entrepreneur Plus Category, the businessman can immediately apply for residency – if he or she does not require a minimum time to set up business in New Zealand. This fast-track pathway to permanent residency in the country would be eligible to the immigrant if he has:

Long-Term Business Visa
To get a Long-Term Business Visa, the immigrant must have:

Franchisee – A Novel Business Approach for Immigrants
Many immigrants who don’t have a strong business plan or don’t want to give their attention to formulating business strategies, choose franchisee as a means to boost their business endeavor. There are many reasons for doing so, such as:

New Zealand government is quite keen to welcome the business community. Immigrants are given adequate help and advice to propel their business in the country and care must be taken to make use of these facilities to establish one’s business in the country.