William Colenso College Overview

William Colenso College values excellence in academic, personal and social development. It aims to assist students to develop the skills and attitudes that lead to success in study and life, with well-rounded character and social development. International students are only accepted for enrolment in Years 11-13.

The College values diversity within a culture of respect for others, encouraging students to develop the ability to consider the effects and consequences of their actions and to learn from their experience. Students learn how to excel and to accept responsibility and care for others during their time at the College.


William Colenso College is located in the port city of Napier on Hawke’s Bay in the North Island of New Zealand. The city is close to Hasitings City and this region is the fifth most populated urban area in the country. The area produces wool, meet, fruit and wine and Napier is a popular tourist destination with various festivals and live music concerts attracting large audiences.

The College offers modern facilities and resources for academic, sporting and cultural activities and also provides medical facilities such as a sick bay and a health clinic for students.


The College prepares students to sit for the NCEA examinations and for further studies at university. AA Education Network can give you more information about courses and content.
English Courses

English language tuition is given to students at all levels within the mainstream programme.
Entry Requirements

Students need to provide evidence of prior studies in their application and indicate their willingness to commit to study at the College, as well as the usual requisite information.

Enrolment dates

There are four academic terms. These are:

Term 1: Feb – April    Term2: April – July    Term 3: July – Sept    Term 4: Oct – Dec

AA Education Network can advise the exact dates and students are advised to apply well in advance of the term they wish to begin study at William Colenso.
Student activities

All students are encouraged to get involved in the various sporting and artistic activities, including football, water sports, athletics, theatre and music.

At William Colenso College you will:

  1. Find support and encouragement in your studies to help you achieve your personal best.
  2. Be encouraged in the skills and understanding needed for leadership, personal development andlearning how to learn.
  3. Participate in a caring and friendly and caring school community that nurtures individuals and buildscapacity for establishing healthy and happy social relationships.
  4. Experience New Zealand’s culture through being part of the daily life of your homestay family andschool.
  5. Meet students from New Zealand and overseas with the chance to make lasting friendships.


Contact AA Education Network for assistance with your application to William Colenso College and your visa. Our counsellors will help you plan and organise your travels and answer all your questions about this opportunity to taste a slice of life in one of New Zealand’s most innovative schools.

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