Language Institute

University of Waikato Language Institute – Pathways College


The Language Institute is an activity of the University’s Pathways College, offering students the resources to develop their English language skills in general as well as in preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate university studies. Students can choose to study at either Hamilton or Tauranga, both branches of the College.

Location and Campuses

The College has branches at Hamilton, in the main University campus just minutes from city centre. Hamilton lies on the banks of the Waikato River and is set amid lush green countryside and the campus itself is a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tauranga is a regional centre formed around a sandy harbour and the area has a pleasant temperate climate with inviting outdoors and water activities on offer all year round


The Language Institute offers students the Certificate of Attainment in English Language, which is geared towards university preparation and has eight levels of proficiency, and also offers its General English Programme through its Continuing Education activities.


Students can commence the General English courses on any Monday, while the Certificate of Attainment is taught in defined blocks and you need to be aware of the commencing dates. An AA Education Network counsellor can give you the information you need to enrol on time in the course of your choice.

Student activities

Many of the English language courses offer social, cultural and recreational activities as part of the course. Students can also enjoy the resources and facilities of the surrounding communities, and explore the beautiful natural environments where the campuses are located.

At the University of Waikato Language Institute you will:

  1. Receive first class teaching of accredited courses from experienced teachers.
  2. Be given personal support and language tuition through a range of flexible pathways.
  3. Experience life and study in a student friendly, multicultural university setting.
  4. Progress through your language studies to undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Waikato.
  5. Enjoy the New Zealand way of life in beautiful cities set in beautiful natural surroundings.


AA Education Network is ready to assist you. You can contact us today for help in choosing your course, applying for enrolment as well as your visa. We will help you with planning and organising your travel and accommodation. The next step is yours to take. Why wait?

Waikato Institute of Education - News

Waikato Institute of Education has been ranked 8th in the world as per assessment made by the education firm, Pearson. The rank is 2 places higher than that in 2009. The college in New Zealand competed with 50 countries on various psychological skills, science competency, and achievements in education and literacy. Contact us to know more about various courses offered by the institute.


In celebration of the Lunar New Year which starts today, WIE had a party after assembly where students could enjoy some traditional snacks from countries which celebrate this holiday and get to know more about each others culture. Pictures from our festivities can be found on our Facebook.

We hope that you have enjoyed the New Year as much as we have and best wishes for a happy and successful year of the Goat/Sheep.

The University of Waikato has invited 100 additional engineering students for its 5 courses in engineering as the government has granted extra seats for this faculty at various universities and polytechnics. The five disciplines in engineering are mechanical, chemical and biological, electronic, materials and process, and software. If you want to get a seat in any one of these IPENZ accredited courses, please write to us right away.

Waikato Institute of Education (WIE) unveils special offers, fee structure for the courses, and calendar schedule for the current year. According to the New Zealand-based institute for international students, there would be student-friendly introductory offers, such as:

Complimentary study of one additional week for students taking up a 13-week course.
Complimentary study of two additional weeks for students taking up a 25-week course.
Complimentary study of four additional weeks for students taking up a 36-week course.

The limited offer is available for General English, English for Nursing, Business English, and Office English courses. Write to us for more information.

About 40 Year12 students from University of Waikato is ready to go for Science Summer Camp from December 2 to December 7, in a bid to investigate the condition of the Waikato River. The high school students would not only enjoy the trip to the river, but also get a glimpse of the university. The students would perform experiments during the week-long trip. If interested to participate in such annual events, write to us.

Waikato Institute of Education has held its first industry-wide conference that included 420 delegates from various international educational institutes, industries, and business hubs. The conference had discussions, seminars, and workshops where speakers pointed out the utility for studying and residing in New Zealand vis-à-vis other English-speaking nations. To know more on the conference or institute, write to us.