Living & studying in Auckland, New Zealand – a Great Place to EXPLORE

New Zealand has a population of approximately 4.2 million people spread across two main islands in a geographical size similar to Japan, California or Great Britain. The main population is European with indigenous Maori making up around 15% of the population. The language of instruction in New Zealand is English and there are many ways to learn about Maori ‘tikanga’ (culture) as well.

Studying in New Zealand is ideal because of its:

  • English speaking western – style democracy
  • British-based, world class education system
  • Warm and welcoming environment
  • High quality living conditions
  • Value for money
  • High quality education leading to positive outcomes
  • Inspiring, clean & green countryside
  • Safe environment
  • Wide variety of cultural, recreational and sporting activities
  • Recognition as a high quality international tourist destination
  • Vibrant restaurants and café culture
  • Exciting night life
  • Secular-based society

Auckland City – a Great Place to STUDY

Auckland City is the largest city in New Zealand with over 1.5 million people and is the most vibrant and culturally diverse city with Pacific, Asian, Indian, African and European cultures. The city is built around the ocean and provides many public access beaches and facilities to enjoy. There are so many different things to experience such as vineyards, public parks, music concerts and art galleries. From the Viaduct Harbour, you can take the 30 minute ferry across to Waiheke Island fora distinctly different experience.

Auckland offers a main international airport and from here, easy transport links are available to the city and to Unitec.

To be collected from the airport on arrival, make sure you complete the Arrival Form that is included in your Offer pack.

Being a large city, there are plenty of opportunities for part-time work. Many of our graduates choose to work in Auckland once they complete their studies.

Studying at Unitec New Zealand - Mt Albert, Waitakere City & Takapuna, North Shore

Unitec New Zealand has three campuses in Auckland. The main campus is located in Mt Albert while two smaller campuses are located in Waitakere city and Takapuna on the North Shore. Mt Albert and Waitakere are within 15 minutes drive from each other and are serviced by the free Unitec shuttle bus. Unitec’s Mt Albert campus is one of the most beautiful in New Zealand. The campus is set in 55 hectares of park-like grounds, flanked by green reserves, birdlife and the activity of a busy campus. It is just a few minutes drive away from beautiful beaches and the buzz of downtown Auckland city. The Waitakere campus is 10 minutes drive from Mt Albert campus. Courses that are taught here are mostly in the health science area.

The Takapuna campus is our newest campus and is situated very close to beaches and cafes! This campus offers short courses in trades, business and English. We welcome you to come and see for yourself the truly unique living and learning experience at Unitec.

Study options at unitec

Regardless of your study or work experience background, there is a programme at Unitec for you. Whether you want to study English, a degree or a diploma, we can offer a pathway programme for you. Your experience and qualification that you gain from Unitec will be measured both in New Zealand and overseas whether you choose to do further study or look for employment. Many of our graduates remain in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand, because employers are looking for the recognised combination of both theory and practical skills.

This is what makes Unitec students so special because they bring experience to the work place. For those students that are enrolled in a Bachelors degree, there is also the opportunity to study overseas as part of the degree. Opportunities for study is between 1 semester and 1 year, with exchange countries such as the US, Chile, Germany, Mexico, China, UK, Sweden and Australia to name a few.

We encourage you to take full advantage of all the opportunities that are open to you, whether they be academic, social or sporting.

Whether you want the security and buzz of living on-campus, or prefer the independence of your own place, there are many quality accommodation options for international students. Information will be sent to you in your offer pack and you can visit for more information. You can apply online.
If you stay in the village for at least one semester, you will receive free membership to the Unitec gym.

Unitec Residential Village

The Residential Village contains 34 separate, self-contained, fully-furnished apartments (although students must supply their own bedding). Each apartment or ‘flat’ has five bedrooms, a shared lounge, kitchen and bathroom. Walkways connect the Residential Village with Unitec III, creating a fun student community. The apartments are self-catered and the kitchens include a stove, fridge/freezer and microwave.

Unitec III opened in 2003 and is a 134-bed, fully-furnished accommodation village offering a mix of living options, ranging from single-bedroom apartments to five-person flats. The apartments are situated close to fields, which the
students can use for exercise or relaxation. Walkways across Oakley Creek connect with the Unitec Residential Village on Great North Road, creating a fun student community.

Students enjoy all the comforts and enjoyment of family life. Living in homestay is also a great way to practise English language skills. All homestay students have their own room, including 2 meals a day during the week and 3 meals a day
in the weekend. Students can be met at the airport and taken directly to their homestay family.

Study New Zealand:

For more information regarding our Study New Zealand Services, please contact us.

Study New Zealand - Academic Requirements

The academic entry requirements listed here are intended as a guide only; other requirements may apply to specific programmes. Please contact us for the specific requirements for each programme, including the special admission criteria.

To be eligible for admission to a Unitec programme, applicants are required to meet:

  1. either the general or special admission requirements
  2. the English requirements
  3. any selection criteria that apply (eg portfolio, interview, work experience, registration)

NZ Secondary School Students
If you are currently studying (or have completed your schooling) in New Zealand, please check the specific programme entry criteria on the Unitec website.

International Students
Please refer to the Country Specific equivalents page for a guide to general requirements from various countries.

English Requirements
Unitec accepts academic IELTS and its equivalents, including NCEA English credits from NZ secondary school and TOEFL tests.

Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor - Recognised qualifications for general admission are:

  • Appropriate NCEA credits at NZ secondary school (details on Unitec’s website)
  • Country-specific equivalents (see page 37)
  • Unitec’s Certificate in Foundation Studies: Whitinga in a relevant pathway. Diplomas require level 2, bachelors require level 3.

Graduate Certificates or Diplomas - General admission criteria:

  • Have a recognised bachelor degree,
  • OR: Hold a qualification in a relevant discipline,
  • OR: Be able to demonstrate competencies equivalent to a graduate from the above qualifications

Postgraduate Certificates or Diplomas/ Masters

  • Have a recognised bachelor degree in the same or similar discipline with merit achievement (deemed to be an average grade of B or higher in all level 7 courses),
  • OR: Hold a professional qualification in a relevant discipline recognised as being equivalent to at least merit achievement in a bachelors degree,
  • OR: Be able to demonstrate competencies equivalent to a bachelors levelgraduate in a relevant discipline


  • General admission criteria:
  • Have at least three years’ appropriate professional experience relevant to the discipline in which the doctorate is being undertaken,
  • AND: Have qualified for or been awarded a masters degree in the same
  • or similar discipline with not less than upper second class honours or
  • equivalent,
  • OR: Have an honours degree of four years’ duration in the same or similar discipline with at least an A- average, which includes a research project,
  • OR: Have a postgraduate diploma in the same or similar discipline and be able to demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills and data interpretation equivalent to the above masters or honours degrees.


To apply at Unitec in Auckland or to recieve more information. Just send an email to our free student service.

Unitec New Zealand

Kia Ora. Welcome to Unitec New Zealand

Located in Auckland, New Zealand - Unitec New Zealand is a dual sector government tertiary institution hat is committed to offering students internationally recognized Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and Doctorates.

World Class Education in Auckland, new Zealand

Welcome to Unitec which has three locations across Auckland City - Mt Albert being the main campus, Waitakere and akapuna. International students are enrolled for English language, 1-3 year qualifications, articulation pathway programmes and exchange and study abroad programmes. Your classes will be culturally diverse with students from NZ and over 50 different other ountries.

At Unitec we can offer you:

  • Internationally recognised qualifications
  • Value for money
  • Teaching staff from industry backgrounds
  • Research based lecturers
  • Study focused classrooms
  • Staff-student class ratios 1:15
  • Pathway programmes
  • Credit transfer recognition Programmes endorsed by industry
  • NZQA monitored and approved programmes
  • Theoretical and applied learning

You will have access to all amenities on campus such as:

  • accommodation
  • computer labs and wireless availability
  • career services
  • student job search
  • a wide selection of cafes
  • health services
  • sport facilities
  • an active student union
  • on campus academic support centre

Unitec is a member of the International Association of Universities


To apply at Unitec in Auckland or to recieve more information. Just send an email to our free student service.

Unitec Programmes

Applied Technology and Trades

  • Certificate in Electrical and Electronics
  • Certificate in Multiskill Building Construction
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Audio Visual Technician]
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Automotive Engineering]
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Autotronics]
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Boatbuilding]
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Carpentry]
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Electrical Engineering]
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Electronics Engineering]
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Furniture & Joinery]*
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Interior Decor]*
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Marine Engineering Systems]
  • Certificate in Applied Technology [Welding and Fabrication]
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology [Automotive Engineering]
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology [Building]
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology [Electrotechnology]
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology [Marine]
  • National Cert Motor Ind/Ent Auto Trade

Architecture and Landscpapes

  • Diploma in Landscape Design
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  • Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Master of Architecture*
  • Master of Architecture – Professional

Business Studies

  • Certificate in Business [Introductory]
  • Certificate in Business Administration & Computing [Level 3]
  • Certificate in Business Administration & Computing [Level 4]
  • NZ Diploma in Business [EAL]
  • NZ Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Management
  • Diploma in Professional Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Business [Accountancy, Finance, Management, Marketing]
  • Bachelor of Business [Accountancy, Finance, Management, Marketing]/
  • Bachelor of Arts [English/Japanese]*
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business
  • Master of Business

Communication Studies

  • Bachelor of Communication [Event Management, International Communication,
  • Media Studies, Public Relations]
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Communication
  • Master of International Communication

Community and Social Practise

  • Certificate in Community Skills
  • Bachelor of Social Practice [Community Development, Counselling]
  • Bachelor of Social Practice [Social Work]
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Social Practice
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Social Practice
  • Master of Social Practice

Computing and Information Technology

  • Certificate in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Applied Computing Systems Engineering
  • Diploma in Computing Systems
  • Bachelor of Computing Systems
  • Graduate Diploma in Computing
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computing
  • Master of Computing
  • Doctor of Computing

Construction and Civil Engineering

  • National Diploma in Surveying
  • New Zealand Diploma in Engineering [Civil]
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology [Civil]
  • National Diploma in Architectural Technology
  • National Diploma in Construction Management
  • National Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  • Bachelor of Construction [Construction Economics, Construction Management,
  • Property Development]

Design and Visual Arts

  • Certificate in Design & Visual Arts
  • Diploma in Contemporary Photography**
  • Diploma in Interior Design**
  • Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts***
  • (Product and Furniture Design; Graphic Design and Animation; Interior Design;
  • Photography and Media Arts; Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture); Contemporary Crafts (Object, Jewellery, Sculpture, Ceramics, Lighting, Glassware, Furniture)
  • Bachelor of Product Design**
  • Graduate Diploma in Creative Practice (Digital Animation)
  • Master of Design]


  • Bachelor of Teaching [Early Childhood Education]
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Mgmt
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education*
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Mgmt
  • Master of Education*
  • Master of Educational Leadership and Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy Phd[Education]


  • Certificate in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Applied Science [Human Biology]
  • Bachelor of Health Science [Medical Imaging]
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Health Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science [Medical Radiation Technology]
  • Master of Health Science [Medical Radiation Technology]
  • Master of Osteopathy
  • Short Courses in Nursing

Language Studies

  • Certificate in English as an Additional Language
  • Certificate in Language Teaching*
  • Diploma in Language Teaching*
  • Diploma in English (Advanced)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Japanese [English as an additional Language, EAL]*
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts [English/Japanese]*
  • Graduate Certificate in English as an Additional Language
  • Certificate in Intensive English
  • Certificate in Liaison Interpreting
  • Diploma in Japanese Language*

Natural Sciences

  • Certificate in Animal Management
  • Diploma in Veterinary Nursing
  • Bachelor of Applied Science [Animal Management and Welfare
  • or Biodiversity Management]
  • Certificate in Commercial Floristry*
  • Certificate in Horticulture*

Performing and Screen Arts

  • Certificate in Music [Introductory]
  • Diploma in Contemporary Music
  • Diploma in Performance Technology
  • Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts
  • [Directing and Writing for Screen and Theatre, Contemporary Dance,
  • Acting for Screen and Theatre]
  • Graduate Diploma in Creative Practice (Theatre and Screen)


  • Diploma in Sport and Fitness Education
  • Bachelor of Sport [Coaching, Management, Physical Education]

Travel and Tourism

  • Certificate in Tourism*
  • Certificate in Travel Sales and Automation*
  • Diploma in Tourism Leadership and Management*

Foundation Studies

  • Certificate in Foundation Studies: Whitinga [Business, Computing, Design and Visual Arts***, Early Childhood Education, General, Nursing, Sciences, Social Practice, Tourism and Hospitality]


To apply at Unitec in Auckland or to recieve more information. Just send an email to our free student service.

Unitec NZ


Diploma in Tourism Leadership and
Certificate in Tourism
Certificate in Travel Sales and

Postgraduate Diploma in
Master of Education
Master of Architecture (by project)

The Certificate of Applied Technology
(Joinery and Furniture‐making)
be retained and renamed the
Certificate in Applied Technology
(Cabinet‐making and Joinery)

Apply here

Unitec Institute of Technology has invited students and all those interested to take part in the Moari Student Engagement Program where information on cultural, academic, and pastoral services would be announced.

The initiative is a part of Maia Moari Centre that facilitates Moari education in Unitec. Write to us if you require additional information regarding this orientation program.

Enrol for Computing @ Unitec NZ

Academic Entry: as per country requirements for pre-degree entry;
English language requirements: an overall academic IELTS of 6.0 with
no less than 5.0 in each band


Diploma in Information Technology Support (Level 6 - 2 years)
The Diploma in Information Technology Support will teach students how
to provide administration and ongoing support of Information Technology
(IT) infrastructure in a range of business, government and research

After completion of the programme, students can apply for the Graduate Work Permit - this will allows students to spend the next year finding work in the computing industry; A job allows students to stay and work in New Zealand for 2 years.

How does this help you become a NZ resident?

Studying the diploma will gain a minimum 50 (+5 possible bonus) points;

The job offer will gain 50 points;
Age from 20-29 will gain 30 points;
The total of 140 points meets the requirements of NZ
Immigration for residency (as of now);
When students gain 100 points, students can make an Expression of Interest.

Employment opportunities / Desktop support focus

Graduates might go on to work in areas like

  1. installing applications
  2. setting up new computers
  3. testing etc
  4. in a helpdesk (similar to BCS graduates however BCS graduates are likely to be placed in graduate training programmes with larger companies and progress along a different career path with more opportunities and higher salaries)


The previous programme, Diploma in Computing Systems, will now be an exit qualification only from the Bachelor of Computing Systems (2 years of the BCS) and will not be offered as a separate qualification.

If you have any queries, please let us know.

Unitec has bagged the Trailblazer-Not-for Profit award for its excellence in sustainable business practices. There are about 160 staff and students who have worked in various projects, such as online environmental management system, car-pooling services and similar sustainable businesses to win this award. To know about these projects in detail, write to us.

Unitec and IRL forged an alliance where they would work towards the development of high-tech workers for the manufacturing and services sectors of the New Zealand industry. In the memorandum-of-understanding (MoU), the two majors would allow students of Unitec to work in industry-based projects to create work-savvy graduates. If you are interested to bag this opportunity, write to us.

Unitec Institute of Technology Exchange Student Program

Study Abroad New Zealand

Unitec Institute of Technology has offered student exchange program, Unijet on various subjects for both New Zealand and international students. The students would complete the degree from the foreign institute while paying the tuition fees as required in New Zealand. No additional fees would be required to be paid. Subjects of study include business, sports, communication, engineering, computing, and many more. To know these opportunities and various courses offered in Unijet policy, let us know.

Unitec Student Testimonials

Andrés Segón Rodriguez
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Qualification: Certificate of Proficiency

Exchange student from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. Best things about Unitec Andrés heard about Unitec through the International Office at UADE and came to Unitec as an exchange student for one semester in the school of Business. He notes that one of the most challenging aspects about studying overseas is that all his classes are in English and the accents are hard to get used too. He chose to come to New Zealand and Unitec because he wanted to learn English and live in a different culture. When Andrés first arrived, he travelled around New Zealandbecause was able to fit in time before the semester started. His advice to students is “don’t go home before you have travelled around this beautiful country”.

Chang Chun, PR China
Qualification: Bachelor of Nursing

Cherry chose Unitec because of the beautiful environment and the convenience and location of the campus, particularly because accommodation was easy to find and accessible to Unitec. Her parents also wanted Cherry to come to NZ so that she could learn to become more independent. Cherry first enrolled in FoundationStudies for 1 year and is now studying towards the 3 years Bachelor of Nursing degree. Cherry cites her teachers as being a strong influence on her decision to stay at Unitec because they are always “encouraging and supportive and if I had problems, there are always kind staff around such as the international student advisors who helped me find a better way to solve a problem.”

Because of the international nature of Unitec, Cherry has met students from all different nationalities. Cherry’s advice to other students is to “be open-minded because to go abroad and study is one thing but its also a chance to learn about the culture of the country you’re living in and also share and learn about cultures from other people.”


Mumbai, India
Qualification: Graduate Diploma in Computing

Karthik has always had an interest in computers. He completed his graduation, gained employment and received on the job training in the area of communications. He applied and was accepted to begin his studies in the 1 year Graduate Diploma in Computing programme. He is also looking ahead and contemplating further study after the GDipComp and he noted, “I see Unitec as the only place at which I can pursue my research goals and be surrounded by similar people who will push me to my maximum potential.”

Karthik chose to come to Unitec because of the courses that were offered and the location of the campus, right in the heart of Auckland city. One of the most different aspects that he noticed was that he became independent very quickly but also found that he adjusted very quickly to having to do everything on his own! One piece of advice he gives to students is “to bring lots of money to travel around New Zealand!”

Sven Damm
Mannheim, Germany
Qualification: Master of Business

“I first found out about Unitec through an education fair which was held in Germany and when I found out about the opportunities that existed for me, I knew that Unitec was a great place for my further studies. Not only am I able to pay domestic fees as a postgraduate student, but the programme gives me a lot of flexibility in choosing my courses as well. Because I had been working for the last three years in Germany, I had a lot of industry experience in areas such as leadership and communication knowledge that then related to my studies and the areas I'm interested in. During my undergraduate studies, I travelled to the USA for a study abroad experience and learnt while travelling through other countries, to appreciate different philosophies  and cultures.”

New Zealand is a beautiful country and I chose it for the location. My advice is to travel as much as possible and see the country and learn about the culture. Unitec is also a beautiful campus and if you study here, you’ll appreciate the fact that its so close to the beaches on both the east and west coast! I love Unitec so much that I even made a movie about it”