The Campbell Institute (Wellington)


Located in New Zealand’s capital, the Institute’s Wellington campus was opened in 2001 and offers flexible English language options to students from around the world. The facility is owned and managed by English teachers and its programmes are accredited by government and approved by Wellington’s Victoria University.


The Institute’s Wellington campus is situated within the heart of the CBD with easy access to the business, entertainment and shopping centres of New Zealand’s government and business capital. Transport is readily available as is the café culture and nightlife. Campus facilities include computer and audio-visual suites, library, comfortable modern classrooms, and well equipped lunchroom.


Campbell Institute courses include General English, Group Programmes, English For Professionals, English For Working Holiday Visas, Individual Tuition, IELTS and Cambridge preparation, High School Preparation and Bridging programmes. An AA Education Network counsellor will give you full details of available courses.


Applications can be sent at any time during the year. Contact AA Eduction Network to discuss the best time for you to enrol in the course of your choice.

Student activities

Activities include sky-diving, fishing, kayaking, golf, tennis, mountain walks and horse riding.

Campbell Institute (Wellington) provides you with:

  1. First rate accredited English language tuition.
  2. A flexible range of options for learning English.
  3. Personal support from friendly staff while you study.
  4. The chance to meet local and overseas students and make lasting friendships.
  5. A taste of life in New Zealand’s capital and the chance to experience this country’s great natural beauty.


Contact AA Education Network today to learn more about Campbell Institute, Wellington and New Zealand. One of our counsellors will assist you with course selection, study and visa applications and the planning and preparation of your travel and accommodation arrangements. Why wait any longer?

Campbell Institute New Zealand

The Campbell Institute is an official member of EWI - Education Wellington International. EWI is an association of schools, universities and institutions, which support Wellington as a study destination. At the moment there are more than 50 members. All members believe that Wellington is the perfect place to live and study. In today's financially-strapped society, you're either in huge debt or dependent on loans. This makes holding a diploma from a reputable learning institution like Wellington a must.

Guy Pascoe, International Marketing Executive for EWI will visit the ICEF Fair in Berlin, Germany to inform agents about happenings and educational institutions in and around our lovely and multicultural capital city. If you wish to meet Guy at the fair please feel free to visit him on stand number 5 at the InterContinental Hotel

ICEF Berlin - Germany
2 - 4 November 08
InterContinental Berlin, Budapester Str. 2, 10787 Berlin
Stand 5

Integrated Skills
A good General English programme should be based on "integrated skills". This means that classes combine reading, writing, listening and speaking. For example, maybe the teacher will work with a reading text in the first part of the lesson, then later the students will do a speaking exercise based on the new vocabulary or grammar that they found in the text. Finally, the students may be asked to produce some writing in response to the text and the discussion they had about the text. By the end of the day, the student has learnt new language and has used this new language in different ways.

This is why programmes that focus on "just speaking" or "just writing" can be limited in value. A good programme will use integrated skills.

Why do students pay money to study English in a language school? After all, students can easily access books and tapes and even find language buddies to practice.

The difference is feedback! To properly learn a language, you need feedback. For example, if you make a grammar mistake or pronunciation error, a teacher can point this out to you, and this increases the chance that next time you'll get it right. If you have no feedback, your progress will be much much slower.

A good General English teacher provides a high level of feedback, and also makes sure that feedback is given to students in a way that does not damage their confidence.

Why General English at Campbell?
Skilled Teachers
Our teachers all hold university-level, professional qualifications in Teaching English. It's not just enough to be a native speaker. For example, it takes a skilled teacher to provide the right level of feedback for students. Too much feedback can interfere with communication confidence. Not enough feedback could lesson a student's motivation. The Campbell Institute has a regular Professional Development programme for all teachers to help build these skills.

Language Workshops
Every student can access weekly Language Workshops, FREE of charge. A language workshop is a 15-minute one-to-one lesson with one of the school's teachers. During these 15 minutes, the student can chose to focus on whatever they want - conversation, help with writing, or maybe the student has grammar questions from class. Full-time students have 2 workshops per week, and part-time students have 1 per week.

Programme Structure
Our morning classes focus on input - new vocabulary and new grammar. This is the time of day when the brain is more open to learning new information. Then, the afternoon classes provide opportunities to use and practice the new language, through speaking or writing activities. This type of structure maximises a student's learning.

Apply now and learn English in New Zealand

Campbell Institute has offered a program for international students on high school English preparation at its Wellington and Auckland centers. The students who are 14 years and above must meet the high school entry level conditions to study the course. Check with our student adviser on further requirements, course fees, and other formalities.

Campbell Institition News

Warm greetings from the Campbell Institute. I hope you are well and 2016 has been a year of opportunities and successes for you all.

Campbell has had a very busy Spring season, recording our second highest number of student enrolments in October and keeping our administration and academic teams on their toes!

For the remainder of 2016 we will be reviewing our course and programme offerings based on the meetings we have had with you, so expect some new courses and programme developments in 2017.

Finally, we continue to strengthen our high school and tertiary relationships. We have recently entered into an agreement with Academic Colleges Group/ ACG to deliver Academic English courses which will pathway students into the new foundation studies programmes for Victoria University of Wellington.

Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary is one of Campbell's favourite ecological volunteer placements. Being situated in Northland, it offers volunteers an opportunity to see one of the most remote and beautiful parts of New Zealand - a chance few international visitors get.

Pupu Rangi will offer short 1-2 week 'explorer' programmes for students on any type of visa from any country (provided they have at least an intermediate level of English). This is an incredible opportunity to visit a native New Zealand forest and see Kiwi in their natural habitat. We highly recommend this hands-on, once-in-a-lifetime experience to any Campbell student!

Pupu Rangi Explorer Programme will commence every Monday from 30 November to 25 April inclusive.


Campbell Institute has invited applications for Demi Au Pair with English learning programs, where students need to attend 12-weeks to 24-weeks course.

The low-season from March to June, will be low-priced as well. You would learn various English learning options, such as General English, IELTS and Cambridge Preparation, or business English. To take up such a course and bag the profitable offer, inform us quickly.

Campbell Institute - Testimonials

Studying abroad was my dream because I am interested in other countries and foreign people. I was very happy when I was on my flight to New Zealand. I was going to stay there about three months. However, I stayed there for a year. I was addicted to New Zealand.

I spent my time studying at a language school in Wellington and the time at school has become a special place in my life. The school gave me a chance to study English and make great friends.

There were brilliant managers and teachers at The Campbell Institute. If they were not there, I would not have had such a great time.

My first week in New Zealand was pretty hard, I had butterflies in my stomach because of English, and the new circumstance. On the other hand, my homestay family gave me a place where I can feel relief. They asked me about my day everyday. They were welcoming to me , like my real family. They respected Japanese culture and my character. I can say that they are kind of my New Zealand mum and dad.

During my time at Campbell I could make lots of friends who are from Asia, Europe, the Middle East Asia and South America even though my English was not good. It was difficult to communicate with each other so I tried to study hard. Obviously, English has a strong influence for us but I feel that English is not the most important thing to make friends. My first class at school had students from the Middle East. They have a rather different culture from Japanese. I was very interested in their culture and I read a Muslim book and went to the Mosque. After that I could make more friends. My Chilean friends told me about Latin dance and gave me Spanish music. There is heaps of Spanish music in my ipod and I am listening to the songs everyday

I was fascinated with yoga and hot coffee. I wanted to excise in my free time and we went to hot yoga as a school activity. Hot yoga class was amazing. It was nearly 40 degree and 70% humidity. A class takes 90 minutes. We are not allowed lots of drinking water during the class.

I had not had experience of yoga and my body was not flexible but I went there more than five days per week. I really enjoyed it. Also, I love coffee especially flat white. I reckon that Wellington is a cafe paradise. I was lucky I decided to go to Wellington because I could find out how wonderful hot yoga and coffee are.

New Zealand changed my life style and character. I am sure I am getting open-minded and I have ambitions for my future. I want to say thank you to everyone I met in New Zealand. My friends are my precious thing.

Akiko K. was a student at The Campbell Institute for over 1
year. She was invloved with projects at The Campbell Institute, which included the producation of the Education Wellington movie, to support our Capital as a study destination. We thank Akiko for extending her studies from 3 to 12 months and becoming a great friend to the school and the students.

Campbell Institute - News

CELTA – The Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults is available at The Campbell Institute in Wellington. With plenty of theoretical input and observed practice classes, this internationally recognised qualification allows candidates to develop the skills necessary to effectively teach English as a second language.


Campbell Institute has offered many job-based courses with practical hands-on work experience that range from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. The courses include:

Barista Taster Course for 1 day
Bar Cocktail and Restaurant Service Certificate for 2 weeks
Internship Program for 2-4 weeks study and internship placement applicable for Working Holiday visa holders
Volunteer Program for 4 weeks and voluntary placement

Contact us if you are interested to take part in any of these internship based courses


We are very sure that a lot of alumni and current students are very happy to know a little bit more about this teacher. He is our Movie Master on Wednesday afternoon, IELTS god for many students, he is trying to write a book - gladly not during Academic Writing class, always shares chocolate with the Marketing girls and is extremely hilarious... Kalito... Karlos or Käal...

Kaal Nikolic (34 years), Wellington - New Zealand

Senior Tutor - General English, Academic Writing, IELTS Prep

1. How did you get into English Language Teaching?

A chance meeting and a twist of fate resulted in getting my
first job as a teacher in a small village in the Himalayas of
Nepal. It was an incredible, almost magical experience.

2. What different places, countries, have you taught in before?

I spent four and a half years of teaching and training teachers in Japan and four years in Australia and New Zealand while I finished my Master of Education.

3. What do you particularly enjoy about teaching?

I love the diversity of cultures and personalities I encounter in the classroom. I enjoy helping students to reach their personal and academic goals.

4. What's the best thing about Wellington?

I love the wind (kidding!) Wellington is a beautiful, funky, artsy, compact city full of intelligent, creative, humane people. And then there are also politicians here....;)

5. If you could invite 3 people from history for dinner, who would you invite, and what would you cook?

Hmm, a tough question. My first thought was to invite three very evil people because my cooking could have some positive results! However, I think if I could explore the minds of three of the most fascinating people in history while eating some of New Zealand's best seafood and white wine I would choose.