Study in Christchurch in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand

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Study in Christchurch

Study in Christchurch

Christchurch in New Zealand is located on the east coast of the South Island.

Christchurch has a mild climate. In summer you can relax on the beaches, while in winter you can enjoy some of the great ski fields!

It's possible in New Zealand, a land of great educational opportunity that welcomes foreign students. NZ qualifications are accepted worldwide, its people are friendly and the crime rate low. An attractive exchange rate and ease of accommodation offer international students a low-stress environment for study. NZ education is your ticket to success.

International Student Services: We can help applicants of all ages, nationalities, educational backgrounds and those with additional needs a service in Christchurch, New Zealand, that provides all the necessary information and supports you before, during and after your stay. Based on our experience of the New Zealand education system we can provide services to international students covering all aspects of international study.

Canterbury is the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, and offers outstanding educational opportunities, along with excellent sights and active lifestyle options. Canterbury University and Lincoln University are two facilities offering Further Education services near Canterbury.

Lincoln University is ½ an hour outside Christchurch, on the Canterbury plains, and offers a rural setting and relaxed, countryside lifestyle. Around 4,000 students take advantage of the relaxed lifestyle and comprehensive course offerings. Students from more than 60 countries have studied successfully at Lincoln. Christchurch University is located on the outskirts of Canterbury city and offers world-class research facilities, a vibrant campus lifestyle, and nearly 2,000 of its students are from International locations.

Along with excellent educational facilities, Canterbury offers a fantastic amount of activities nearby. From long seasons of skiing at one of the country’s most respected destinations, Mt Hutt, along with climbing and hiking and many adrenalin sports, through to surfing, whale watching or hot spa treatments.

Christchurch is one of New Zealand’s most affordable cities in which to live, an excellent place for students to have a suitable lifestyle whilst continuing your education. Along with a buzzing arts scene, Christchurch offers an international flair when it comes to shopping and dining, and maintains a European air around the city. Shopping, travel, and entertainment are all easily accessible in this green, Garden City.

Canterbury University offers great facilities for international students, and a very full, wide-ranging programme of courses is offered at both Canterbury and Lincoln Universities. Student accommodation is offered at both Universities. An MBA programme is offered, along with a computer facility!

With a stunning and diverse natural landscape, New Zealand is proud of its heritage and works to maintain the environment and elements of its history. Studying in Christchurch will put you in the heart of the New Zealand landscape, at one of the more relaxed cities in the country.

Studying in Christchurch Free Services with Go to New Zealand

New Zealand Education Agent

International Student Services: No matter what your age or educational background, we can provide you with the necessary information and support before, during and after your studies in New Zealand. Applicants of all ages and educational achievements can benefit from our services and knowledge of the New Zealand education system and opportunities for international students.

Our services for studying in Christchurch New Zealand include:

  • Finding courses and educational institutions (University, College, Polytechnics, Language Schools, High School) throughout New Zealand
  • Guidance on how to apply for a course
  • Help with your application forms - translations, certified copies and submissions
  • On-going support after an application for the study has been submitted
  • Information on English language tests, plus information on discounts for English language courses!
  • Information about flights and travel to and from New Zealand, and support on student visa issues such as application, extension or renewal
  • Student accommodation options,
  • Information about living in New Zealand (health insurance, bank accounts, public transport, student discounts)
  • Information on how to get New Zealand education awards recognized internationally
  • After you arrive: orientation and support for all New Zealand related questions (e.g. How can I find shared accommodation? Can I take my pet with me? How do I get a school or child care place in New Zealand? How do I deal with communication problems, cultural differences, stress, co-students, etc.)
  • On-Arrival Service (Airport pickup/transfer if required, accommodation, support)
  • Emergency Contact
  • Dedicated personal contact during your entire stay in New Zealand
  • To help you fully, we are dedicated education agents - we are are here to answer all your questions and help with issues during your stay – we are always available via email.

Thousands of students, job seekers and other international travellers from many backgrounds have chosen our services so far, participating successfully in English language, high school programs, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, along with vocational training, au pair/demi pair programs and internships.

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