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Study Abroad in AucklandNicknamed the “City of Sails,” Auckland is not only New Zealand’s biggest city, but it is also a city of adventure, discovery and excitement and, with a high-quality education system, it is a great choice when choosing to study in New Zealand. Whether going to Study in Auckland to attend an English Language School, a university, or an alternative tertiary institution, students are sure to enjoy the experience of a lifetime while obtaining a first-class education.

Accredited by the government of New Zealand, the University of Auckland, AUT University, and Massey University are all located in Auckland. Furthermore, with programmes ranging from basic studies to certificates, diplomas and full degrees, there is a programme to meet the needs of each and every student. Additionally, for students who are interested in participating in sporting events, there are plenty of opportunities and a variety of sports in which one can get involved.

Choosing to study in Auckland offers one the opportunity to learn about a new culture, experience a new world and make new friends, all while obtaining a first-rate education.

Studies in Auckland

For students who are interested in very specific training, such as beauty therapy, travel, IT training, or even flying, Auckland is home to numerous institutions that offer specialized classes, which will prepare the student in his, or her, desired field.

Attending a private institute, or school, that focuses on a specific area often allows the student to gain more of ‘hands-on’ experience, therefore, for anyone who tends to enjoy and excel in a practical training environment, attending one of Auckland’s many private institutions would be a fantastic choice.

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Study in Auckland

Study in Auckland: University Education in Auckland New Zealand

Globally Recognized Universities in Auckland Offer Suitable Tertiary Education to Foreigners

Tertiary education in Auckland is quite well-known in the educational market. Students often plan to enrol in universities in this city of sails or take up study pathway programs in colleges to get a degree. The reason is not just one, but many.

The popularity of University Education
A useful tertiary education is something that not only helps you to get a prosperous career but also gives you the opportunity to promote all your talents. The education offered in Auckland universities is entertaining, research-oriented, and rewarding.

Naturally, students looking for an international career prefer to study in these institutes instead of going elsewhere. Some top reasons why universities are flanked by students from various countries are:

  • Top global ranking
  • Partnership with well-known global institutes
  • Study-work programs
  • Study abroad and student exchange programs
  • Job-ready vocational courses
  • Study pathways for research work
  • Extensive student support, such as affordable fees, friendly environment, safe homestays or student hostels

Keeping Pace with International Requirement
The government of New Zealand has set up many educational and administrative bodies to look into the growth and development of tertiary education in the country so that it meets international standards.

Internship programs are available to ensure students get a first-hand experience about the industry they are about to venture during their career. Such programs are in engineering, hospitality, animal care, design works, and creative art.

Study Pathways

Auckland universities have pathway programs that allow students from non-English speaking countries to study further in the institutes. For instance, students are allowed to take up English learning courses to improve their English. Some courses train students for English testing exams. There are direct pathway courses which allow students to study further once they successfully complete the English curriculum.

Research Options and Grants
Not only Maori students, but international students also get scholarships to take up research work in top universities in Auckland. The grants are presented each year to meritorious students to conduct research work in marine life, ecosystem, cell technology, and lot more.

Competing with International Universities
Almost all universities in New Zealand rank among the world’s best ones. The universities in Auckland are one of those elite educational institutes which are highly sought after by students.

Extra-curricular activities are done in the form of student tours, outdoor educational trips, competitions, and workshops that require students to create an indigenous work of their own. From cuisine delicacies to intricate machinery, various competitions and project works are organized from time to time. The candidates, who successfully compete in the projects, get selected in the industry.

All universities in Auckland offer counselling and mentoring to students to help them get the best from their association with the educational institutes. Multi-cultural environment, free facilities, and social interactions also attract foreigners to study tertiary education in Auckland.

There are hundreds of courses to study at Auckland universities. If you are keen to associate yourself with a versatile institute that offers career-boosting and detailed tertiary education, inform our student counsellor for suggestions and details.

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