Westland High School

Westland High SchoolWestland High School is a mixed school for students aged eleven to eighteen years (7th to 13th grade) with a friendly and community atmosphere in a relaxed and safe environment.

The classes are small, so that individual support of the students is possible. The school's strongest subjects are mathematics, natural sciences, performing arts and education, technology, social sciences, French and English (including teaching English as a foreign language). Additional languages ​​can be learned as part of the distance learning (by video conference or correspondence). There are also weekly Latin practice courses.

Outdoor Education

Leadership skills, teamwork through climbing, kayaking, hiking, mountaineering, navigation and lessons in handling ropes. Due to the location of the school in the immediate vicinity of various teaching facilities and natural surroundings, Westland HS is able to offer a variety of practical activities, without the need for long trips and large interruptions of the timetable. The dedicated and competent staff makes this program a satisfying experience for the students and ensures their safety.
Extracurricular activities

Sports, theater, music and a Maori action group that conveys Maori culture are on offer.

Student Support

Our students are provided with a full-time counselor, a career counselor, a school leader, and special care by the director of the international program and the host family coordinator.