New Zealand Travel Visa

New Zealand Travel Visa


Family members of people staying in New Zealand often travel to the country for a short visit. Many join their partner or parents who are visa holders in New Zealand. For such travellers and few more under various categories, a short-term visa is sanctioned by the immigration authorities.

Travel to New Zealand with One of the Travel Visas and Enjoy Holidaying or Working
There are different visas which are sanctioned to travellers who want to travel to New Zealand for a short visit. While many coming from certain countries, such as South Africa, Japan, Chile, etc will not require any visa if they stay in New Zealand for less than 3 months, there are others which require a 3 month Visitor Visa to visit New Zealand.

In fact, the UK visitors can stay for 6 months without having any visas at all. However, if you want to stay for a little longer and perhaps work part-time as well, you will require a separate travel visa.

Family Visas
Family migration visas include those for partners, parents, dependent children, and siblings of a permanent resident in New Zealand.  The resident must have been residing in New Zealand for the past 3 years and has the capability to sponsor the relative.

Parent Retirement Category Visa is family visa where parents of permanent resident can also apply for permanent residency if certain financial commitments are undertaken.

Family visa – sibling category will allow siblings of a permanent resident to visit and stay in New Zealand provided the visitor has the capacity of taking up employment in New Zealand.

Visitor Visa
The Visitor Visa is provided to visitors who want to visit New Zealand and enjoy a short holiday. They may stay at their relative’s place or take part in a cultural event. The applicants do not have the right to work in New Zealand. Visitor Visa may not be applicable for some countries where visitors stay less than 3 months.

We can Help
AA Education Network offers free service to travellers who want to visit New Zealand on a short term basis-ideally to enjoy and holiday. There is also a family quota allotted each year by the government. Visas on family category are provided till this quota is reached.

Check with our visa counsellor for details about various visas that are meant just for the travellers.