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A Way to Successful Photography: Learning the Dexterity of Camera and Additional Skills

Scenic colorful natural habitat of New Zealand has made the country a prime spot for photographers and cinematographers. However, photography is not just limited to images of landscapes. In New Zealand, photos can range from those on rare birds and animals, untouched natural beauty, cultural fests, and Maori habitation to farming and wineries, underwater marine species, and city life.

In fact, the photography or videography has further branched off into various sections. A photographer covering ski sports or trekking expedition would be different from the one shooting fashion in New Zealand or Maori culture. An undersea photographer must be a specialist in dealing with sophisticated cameras. He or she must also be a PADI-certified scuba diving.

Starting from Scratch
A greenhorn in photography can be an expert cameraman with an eye to capture precious images through various courses imparted by education providers. In New Zealand, there are diplomas that provide tertiary education in photography while many are vocational job-specific courses as well. You could study a course on:

SLR Digital Photography
Digital Photography – distant learning for Level 5students
Basic Photographic practice and artistic expressions

…And, some vocational training courses would include:

Hands-on application and internship program at Wellington, Taranaki, and Auckland.
Documentary photography along with guidelines for practicing photography
Photography for portraits
Photography for compact cameras

On-the-Job Experience
If you have some basic knowledge in photography, you still need to hone your skills further to make photography a profitable career choice. Many entry-level jobs require photographers to work and learn the trick of artistic photography. Although no special qualification is required for the process, you may make a mark if you have studied graphics, art, and fine arts. Here are some specialized photographic jobs available in New Zealand.

Underwater Photography – In the blue waters surrounding New Zealand, lie coral reefs where thousands of different marine animals and plants thrive since ages. It is not easy to take a perfect video shot undersea. However, special courses are offered at various universities to promote this type of photography.

Wildlife Photography – The images of this type can be still pictures or videos of animals on the move. The photographer must be adept with the camera to take perfect shots in adverse situations.

Nature Photography – Specialized cameramen with years of experience generally take to this type of photography. It could take years to cover a particular place. However, the result is quite lucrative as many win awards in various competitions, such as NZIPP Pro Awards and Underwater Photographic Competition. Publishing such images would fetch a hefty amount.

Clicking Ethical Photos that is Sellable
You must know the ground rules and regulations to take photos in New Zealand. Once done, it must be showcased well. Auckland photography festival is one such notable ones. Registering in social networks, promoting your photographs, and depicting innovative themes help aspiring cameramen to become eligible photographers in New Zealand.


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