National Institute of Studies

The National Institute of Studies is a private training establishment (P.T.E.) registered with the New Zealand qualifications Authority (NZQA), a New Zealand rocognized governing body that authorizes and audits the programmes we deliver.

NIS has been registered and operating since early 2002 and is audited by NZQA every 2 years which places NIS within the top 15% of P.T.E's operating within New Zealand. We specialize in Management, Business and Language programmes and are continually striving to keep these updated. We also pride ourselves in offering extra services to our students, Job placesement beeing one area, where to date we have found employment for 100% of our students who have enrolled this year.

English Programmes:

English (6 levels: B/ E/ P-I/ I/ U-I/ A)
IELTS Preparation (Trial English Lesson)
NIS Diploma in IT & Business Application Level 5
National Diploma in Business Level 5
NIS Diploma in Business Level 6
NIS Diploma in Business Level 6
NZQA Certificate in TEFL Level 5 (Teaching English as a Foreign language)


For more information redarding N.I.S just send an email to one of our student councellers and we get back to you as soon as possible. Our service is 100% free for students.

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