Manukau Institute of Technology


The Institute began operations in 1970 as a polytechnic/institute of technology and offers accredited training and education up to the same levels as a university, providing degree diploma, certificate and short courses to students from over 50 countries worldwide. Manukau Institute has strategic alliances with both the University of Auckland and Southern Cross University, providing a range of flexible pathways through study, including English language tuition. Manukau is a growing city within the larger city of Auckland region and shares Aucklands multicultural, cosmopolitan and high tech directions in its growth and in its future.


The Institute’s main campus is located on 12 hectares roughly 20 minute’s drive from downtown Auckland and its facilities include purpose built teaching and learning spaces, access to recreation and entertainment facilities, public library and heated swimming pool. There is also on campus accommodation in the Institute’s Student Village. There are various other specialised campus locations around Auckland.


The Institute offers a range of degree, diploma nad certificate courses as well as English language programmes. The English programmes include English for Speakers of Other Languages, English for Study Purposes, and English for Further Study. Contact AA Education Network to learn more about the range of tertiary courses offered by Manukau Institute.


Enrolment generally requires successful completion of the recognised equivalent of NZ Year 12 or Year 13 (NCEA Levels 2 or 3) high school and an IELTS minimum of 6.0-6.5 depending on the course and applications are best sent at least two months before the beginning of semester.

Student activities

The are student clubs and groups on campus, sporting activities, peer mentoring and a range of social and recreational activities available for students to get involved in.

Manukau Institute of Technology provides you with:

An education equal to the best in New Zealand delivered by qualified and experienced prfessionals.
Academic rigour with hands on relevance.
Personal care and support while studying at the Institute.
The opportunity to mix with students from New Zealand and overseas and form lasting friendships.
Experience of life in one of New Zealand’s largest and most diverse cities with easy access to the beautiful surrounding countryside and mountains.


AA Education Network is ready answer any questions you might have about Manukau Institute of Technology. One of our counsellors will guide you through the application process to study in Manukau in Auckland and will also assist you with planning and organising your visa and accommodation. Contact us today to set the wheels in motion.