Cashmere High School Overview

Cashmere High School provides a varied, world class high school education for its students in an environment where individual care is paramount. Students are encouraged to excel, supported in their academic work and inspired to be caring, responsible citizens of the local and global community.

The school caters for students from Year 9 to Year 13 and provides a range of options for achieving their best in high school studies. Cashmere High School provides a structured and regulated environment for students that also allows them freedom to express their individuality and creativity within the broad range of subjects and activities available at the school.

The school is popular because:

  • of the hospitality
  • the courses and programs offered are of high quality and also internationally recognised
  • it offers international students value for choice in terms of the extensive range of courses and programs on offer
  • it is a large education provider with special emphasis on international students Courses & Programs
  • The school offers international students special English language programs that help them to adjust to life and study in New Zealand.


Cashmere High School is located near the hills area in the south of the scenic Christchurch on the heart of New Zealand’s South Island, which enjoys a pleasant summers and mild winters. Christchurch is well known in New Zealand as a centre for education and offers much of value to international students.

The city is well-endowed with parks and gardens and open spaces, sitting amid farmland in close proximity to the ocean and mountains.


The school is located in the hills area of southern Christchurch and its spacious facilities include sports fields, classrooms that are heated in winter and ventilated in summer, a Performing Arts Centre and a purpose-built international student centre.

There is scope for  a rich and varied programme, including music, drama, cultural activities and various sports.


Cashmere High School offers a range of flexible international programmes as well as courses in the following subject areas:

  1. Alternative Programmes
  2. English
  3. Languages
  4. Mathematics
  5. Physical Education and Health
  6. Science
  7. Social Sciences
  8. Technology
  9. Visual and Performing Arts

AA Education Network is able advise on your possible options with international student programs at Cashmere High School.
English Courses

International students are assessed for their English language skills upon arrival at the school and provided with the appropriate level of English language tuition to enable them to participate in the mainstream educational activities of the school. This includes ESOL and preparation for the IELTS exams, among others. AA Education Network will give you further information on this part of the school’s curriculum

Entry Requirements

International students are encouraged to apply, as their English language skills are assessed upon arrival at Cashmere and an educational programme tailor-made appropriately for each student’s needs. AA Education Network can give you more information about entry into Cashmere.

Enrolment dates

Enrolment for Year 9 closes on 31 July.
Enrolment for Years 10-13 closes on 1 September.

Student activities

Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in sports, music, drama, the arts or other cultural activities. Family-type activities with the host families are also strongly encouraged during the period of homestay.

Cashmere High School will give you:

  1. A first class, nationally accredited and internationally recognised secondary education as a springboard to career or further studies.
  2. The opportunity to stretch yourself academically through the range and variety of courses and activities offered.
  3. Welcoming and supportive school and family environments to make your time in New Zealand happy and enjoyable.
  4. The opportunity to meet students form New Zealand and overseas with the chance of forming lifelong friendships.
  5. A slice of life in beautiful Christchurch and a taste of the New Zealand way of life.


AA Education Network is here to answer all your questions about high school study at Cashmere High School. We will then assist you in planning and organising your trip, applying for a place in school and arranging you visa and permit for study in New Zealand.

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