Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand is a hidden gem of the modern world. For all overseas students interested in the exciting, cutting edge world of education and degrees that feed off and into this realm, this university is a superb choice.

Why a New Zealand university? What do the worlds fastest racing motorcycle ( the Britten) multiple America’s Yacht winners,( Black Magic and subsequent siblings) and the current sci-fi mega movies of Lord of The Rings have in common? They all stem from a culture of daring creativity bar none that is found right here in New Zealand.

Auckland University of Technology has in particular a unique field of study -Creative Technologies that specifically is designed around the understanding that today’s complex environment must draw from numerous disciplines. This explains why the aforementioned such as the Britten were able to stun the world- the sky is not only not the limit, your abilities, potentials and success in studying here are limited only by your imagination.

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