Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Auckland University of Technology is New Zealand's second largest and fastest-growing university. We offer free enrolment services for the Auckland University of Technology.

Auckland University of Technology

The Auckland University of Technology is the newest university in New Zealand. It was formed in 2000 when the university was granted status.
Students: 29,000 students (2006). Approximately 2,980 international students
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Campuses: 3 - AUT City Campus, AUT North Campus, AUT South Campus

About The Auckland University of Technology

The Auckland University of Technology has a contemporary feel to it, due to its' unique history. At the same time, the university is renowned for being innovative in all areas of university life.

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand is a hidden gem of the modern world. For all overseas students interested in the exciting, cutting edge world of education and degrees that feed off and into this realm, this university is a superb choice.

Why a New Zealand university?

What do the worlds fastest racing motorcycle ( the Britten) multiple America's Yacht winners,( Black Magic and subsequent siblings) and the current sci-fi mega movies of Lord of The Rings have in common? They all stem from a culture of daring creativity bar none that is found right here in New Zealand.

Auckland University of Technology has in particular a unique field of study -Creative Technologies that specifically is designed around the understanding that today's complex environment must draw from numerous disciplines. This explains why the aforementioned such as the Britten were able to stun the world- the sky is not only not the limit, your abilities, potentials and success in studying here are limited only by your imagination.


  1. Art & Design
  2. Business & Economics
  3. Colab: creative technologies
  4. Communication studies
  5. Education
  6. Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
  7. Health Sciences
  8. Hospitality, tourism and events
  9. Language and culture
  10. Law
  11. Science
  12. Social sciences and public policy
  13. Sport and recreation
  14. Te Ara Poutama: Māori and indigenous development

The AUT Accomodation Services Department is available for advice and support. An option are the AUT Halls of Residence which are very popular with students. AUT City and North Campus offer student accommodation options.

Student Support Services
The International Student Support Service Team is dedicated to assisting international students with nearly everything.
The ISSS team can provide academic assistance, and are constantly organising social excursions and other events to help you make friends and gain a better understanding of Kiwi culture.
The friendly team at the ISSS offices can also process your visa and organise a medical examination, which is required by New Zealand Immigration Services when renewing your visa.
Attendance at International Orientation is a compulsory part of your enrolment. The short seminar will introduce you to your support team and offer information on all aspects of your university life.
If you are having any academic problems, Te Tari Awhina, Auckland University of Technology’s Learning Development Centre, offers workshops on things like essay writing and referencing.
These are just some of the services available to international students. For further details, please contact us by email.

  1. Admission/Fees/Registry
  2. Career Centre
  3. Disability Resource Centre
  4. English Language Support
  5. Student Financial Services
  6. Student Counselling
  7. International Student Support
  8. International Student Orientation
  9. Student Information Centre

A Large numbers of leading local and international researchers and experts have been recruited by the university AUT invests heavily in research and has established new research centres and institutes to further its research profile. Research partnerships and exchanges have also been established with some of the worlds leading universities.

Notable Alumni
Media & Communications
* Carol Hirschfeld (Executive Producer, Campbell Live, TV3)
* Dominic Bowden (Television host, NZ Idol, The Next Greatest American Band)

* Annette Presley (Founder & CEO, Slingshot Internet)
* Bruce McLaren (race-car designer, driver, engineer and inventor




AUT City Campus

Building WA, level 2
55 Wellesley Street East
Auckland Central 1010

The AUT City Campus is in the heart of Auckland. It is AUT’s biggest campus and home to most academic units and the central administration, including the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

Facilities on the City Campus

The City Campus has cafes, restaurants and bars as well as the facilities listed below.

  • AUT Early Childhood Centre
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Student accommodation (Wellesley Student Apartments)

Getting here

The City Campus is a 15 minute walk from Britomart train station and the ferry terminal. AUT shuttle buses stop on campus and public buses stop nearby.
Check the Auckland Transport website for details of public transport. Our ‘Getting around AUT’ page has details about student travel discounts, where to top up your travel card, and AUT shuttle buses.


The Wellesley Student Apartments are located in the middle of Auckland’s central business district, a 5 minute walk from their city campus. Their fully furnished apartments have four or five bedrooms, two bathrooms and living and kitchen areas. All apartments are phone and internet ready, although it is up to residents to organise connection.
The apartment complex also houses a common room which boasts a pool table, table tennis, cable TV and a barbeque area. Furthermore, the Residential Life team organise regular social events in and around the apartments.

Fees (2018)

Small room (self-catered)
NZ$ 5,156 (Semester)
NZ$ 10,312 (Full year)

Standard room (self-catered)
NZ$ 5,804 (Semester)
NZ$ 11,608 (Full year)

Large room (self-catered)
NZ$ 6,245 (Semester)
NZ$ 12,490 (Full year)

AUT North Campus

Level 2, AS Building
90 Akoranga Drive
Auckland 0627

The AUT North Campus is on Auckland’s North Shore and offers facilities including student accommodation, cafes and the universities biggest sports centre. The centre has a gym, weights rooms, gold swing clinic, indoor courts and a range of cardio and other work out programmes. Membership starts at as little as $1 a day, and can include sessions with a personal trainer.

Getting here

Lots of public buses stop near the North Campus. AUT shuttle buses stop on campus (running to and from the City Campus).
Check the Auckland Transport website for details of public transport. Our ‘Getting around AUT’ page has details about student travel discounts, where to top up your travel card, and AUT shuttle buses.


Akoranga Student Village is immediately next door to the North Shore campus. Regular shuttle buses can take students from the village to the City or North Shore campuses.
The Student Village offers townhouse style dwellings with five or six bedrooms, two bathrooms and living and kitchen areas. Townhouses are phone and internet ready. The development’s communal facilities include a pool table, cable television and a barbeque area. Limited parking is available and will cost you $170. The Residential Life team also provide social events for residents.

Fees (2018)

Standard room (self-catered)
NZ$ 5,180 (Semester)
NZ$ 10,360 (Full year)

Entry Requirements, Dates & Fees

Entry Requirments

Entry requirements depend on your country of origin. In most cases, a pass mark in your countries relevant Secondary School Qualification will suffice, although some in some cases pre-requisites may include a higher mark or a year of previous tertiary education. Some degrees may require you to audition, or to submit a portfolio.

Postgraduate applicants require a relevant undergraduate degree. You may also be asked to provide evidence of related work or research experience. Postgraduate applicants whose chosen degree includes presenting a thesis must provide a research proposal.

English Language Requirements:

Students who use English as a second language must fulfil the following English proficiency requirements. Scores must have been achieved no more than two years ago.

Undergraduate applicants are required to have:

An International English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall score of 6.0, with no band less than 5.0, OR
A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 550 (with minimum Test of Written English (TWE) score of 4.0) OR computer-based score of 213 (with minimum Test of Written English score of 4.0) OR an internet-based score of 80.

Postgraduate applicants must have:

An IELTS overall score of 6.5, OR
A TOEFL score of 575 (with minimum TWE score of 4.5), OR computer-based score of 233 (with minimum TWE score of 4.0), OR internet-based score of 9.


Tuition fees are charged depending on the students chosen degree, and differ accordingly. Auckland University of Technology charges an enrolment fee of $150. They also insist that all international students have appropriate travel and medical insurance, and will ask for evidence.
All fees are refunded if a student’s visa is denied or if an application for extension is refused.
The Auckland University of Technology offers limited scholarships for international students.

Important Dates

Application Deadlines
Semester One
18 December (for students from non visa free countries)
29 January (for students from visa free countries
Semester Two
4 June (all students)
You can visit the AUT website for more information on the visa status of your home country, or ask an AA Education Network team member.

Academic Calendar
Semester One commences in March
Semester Two commences in July
How to apply:
Combining old academic tradition with modern technology and ideas, the Auckland University of Technology is a solid academic choice. It is an especially suitable choice for students beginning their tertiary study, but also has a lot to offer any undergraduate or postgraduate.

Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology

Why Auckland?

Auckland is commonly mistaken for New Zealand’s capital city*, as it is the nation’s biggest and most populous city. With a large multicultural population (and the largest Polynesian population in the southern hemisphere), it is also a very cosmopolitan city.  Accordingly, the city has a wide selection of things to see, do and eat.

The City of Sails (as Auckland is sometimes called, due to the fact that the city boasts two harbours) ranked 4th in a 2009 survey judging the quality of life in 215 major cities around the world, due to its mild climate and fantastic employment and education opportunities.

Parts of Auckland lie on extinct volcanoes, making the city a geographically beautiful one, and a haven for thrills seekers. The city is also well loved by sports fans, as it offers a huge range of sporting team and facilities.
*In case you were wondering, Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city.

Why Auckland University of Technology?

The Auckland University of Technology is New Zealand’s newest university, but has existed as Auckland Technical School since 1895.  This results in a century old tradition of academic teaching, combined with new, state of the art resources and buildings.

Spread across three campuses, AUT offers comprehensive libraries and research offices, a dozen restaurants, bars and cafes and accommodation for over 700 students.

They also have a campus newspaper, magazine and radio.

AUT is also one of the few New Zealand universities that offers pre-degree studies for students who are not prepared or don’t have the qualifications for degree level study.

AUT News