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NZ Successful Pure Campaign in need of revamp?
New Zealand's seven year successful campaign to attract foreign tourist may be running out of steam and is in need of revamp, according to some industry experts.

They argue that the success story behind the campaign needs to be maintained at all costs in the interest of Tourism New Zealand. Wellington Hotel Council chairman and Musuem Hotel owner Chris Parkin said that the marketing campaign, started in 1999, might have bypassed its effectiveness and this therefore was a concern for the whole industry. "It's been successful for New Zealand over the last few years in terms of building tourism numbers, but has that now done its dash?", Mr. Parkin said.

New Zealand is following the model set by Tourism Australia's innovative, "So where the hell are you?" campaign which promotes adventure travel. Tourism New Zealand believes that the message must remain the same even if the marketing strategy changes.

A Tourism New Zealand spokeswoman said that the message so far promoted by the pure campaign must be retained in any future campaign. "This does not mean that we shouldn't keep the message about what New Zealand has to offer simple and clear", she said. "In fact, this is essential,and that clarity is the envy of many other destinations".


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