Student Profiles

Andrés Segón Rodriguez
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Qualification: Certificate of Proficiency

Exchange student from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. Best things about Unitec Andrés heard about Unitec through the International Office at UADE and came to Unitec as an exchange student for one semester in the school of Business. He notes that one of the most challenging aspects about studying overseas is that all his classes are in English and the accents are hard to get used too. He chose to come to New Zealand and Unitec because he wanted to learn English and live in a different culture. When Andrés first arrived, he travelled around New Zealand
because was able to fit in time before the semester started. His advice to students is “don’t go home before you have travelled around this beautiful country”.


Chang Chun, PR China
Qualification: Bachelor of Nursing

Cherry chose Unitec because of the beautiful environment and the convenience and location of the campus, particularly ecause accommodation was easy to find and  accessible to Unitec. Her parents also wanted Cherry to come to NZ so that she could learn to become more independent. Cherry first enrolled in FoundationStudies for 1 year and is now studying towards the 3 year Bachelor of Nursing degree. Cherry cites her teachers as being a strong influence on her decisionto stay at Unitec because they are always “encouraging and supportive and if I had problems, there are always kind staff around such as the international student advisors who helped me find a better way to solve a problem.”

Because of the international nature of Unitec, Cherry has met students from all different nationalities. Cherry’s advice to other students is to “be open-minded because to go abroad and study is one thing but its also a chance to learn about the culture of the country you’re living in and also share and learn about cultures from other people.”




Mumbai, India
Qualification: Graduate Diploma in Computing

Karthik has always had an interest in computers. He completed his graduation, gained employment and received on the job training in the area of communications. He applied and was accepted to begin his studies in the 1 year Graduate Diploma in Computing programme. He is also looking ahead and
contemplating further study after the GDipComp and he noted, “I see Unitec as the only place at which I can pursue my research goals and be surrounded by similar people who will push me to my maximum potential.”

Karthik chose to come to Unitec because of the courses that were offered and the location of the campus, right in the heart of Auckland city. One of the most
different aspects that he noticed was that he became independent very quickly but also found that he adjusted very quickly to having to do everything on his own! One piece of advice he gives to students is “to bring lots of money to travel
around New Zealand!”



Sven Damm
Mannheim, Germany
Qualification: Master of Business

“I first found out about Unitec through an education fair which was held in Germany and when I found out about the opportunities that existed for me, I knew that Unitec was a great place for my further studies. Not only am I able to pay domestic fees as a postgraduate student, but the programme gives me a lot of flexibility in choosing my courses as well. Because I had been working for the last three years in Germany, I had a lot of industry experience in areas such as leadership and communication knowledge that then related to my studies and the areas Im interested in. During my undergraduate studies, I travelled to the USA for a study
abroad experience and learnt while travelling through other countries, to appreciate different philosophies  and cultures.”

New Zealand is a beautiful country and I chose it for the location. My advice is to travel as much as possible and see the country and learn about the culture. Unitec is also a beautiful campus and if you study here, you’ll appreciate the fact that its so close to the beaches on both the east and west coast! I love Unitec so much that I even made amovie about it”


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