Otumoetai College Overview

Otumoetai College is a state-run coed secondary school that enrols students for Years 9-13. It’s mission is to encourage excellence in independent study and promote the wellbeing of students within the college community.

The college is well-known for the excellence of its musical and stage productions and has fielded successful sporting teams in national competitions.

In line with it’s mission to promote excellence and independence, the college provides a range of flexible study options for students at all levels of ability and ensures that the needs of students at school are meet in a way that encourages personal growth and development of the individual.

Otumoetai College is located in the small port city of Tauranga on the Bay of Plenty, which is a warm and sunny rural region that exports flowers, timber and fruits of various kinds to the global market.

The area offers great opportunities for water sports including surfing, water-skiing and sailing, while the rural environment surrounding the city provides an interesting backdrop for this city of roughly 110,000 residents.

The school’s facilities have recently been upgraded and include sports and playing fields, swimming pool and gymnasium, library and computer labs, and various specialist teaching facilities for subject areas such as music, art and science.

In Years 9 and 10, students study compulsory subjects, while in Years 11-13 they are prepared for the NCEA and, in Year 13, university entrance, through a range of elective subjects. All curriculum areas are designed to fulfil the objectives of the revised New Zealand Curriculum for high school education.
English Courses

On arrival at the school, students are assessed for their level of English language proficiency. They are then assigned the relevant necessary English language tuition they need to study in the mainstream school programme.
Entry Requirements

Students need to provide evidence of successful school study and behaviour and some evidence of English language proficiency that would enable them to study successfully at Otumoetai College.

Enrolment dates

The year is divided in to four terms as follows:

Term 1 – 2009 Monday 2nd February to Thursday 9th April
Term 2 – 2009 Monday 27th April to Friday 3rd July
Term 3 – 2009 Monday 20th July to Friday 25 September
Term 4 – 2009 Monday 12th October to Tuesday 15 December

It is advisable for students to apply well before the term in which they wish to commence study.
Student activities

The college encourages its students to get involved in other, non-academic activities that are offered, such as cultural and sporting activities,and to take  advantage of the great location on the Bay of Plenty and have a go at swimming, surfing and sailing.

Otumoetai College provides you with:

  1. A great educational experience under the tuition of highly trained and qualified teachers in a modern, up-to-date school environment.
  2. The chance to grow personally and academically in a supportive and caring environment.
  3. An opportunity to experience family life in New Zealand with the homestay family the looks after you.
  4. Opportunities to meet and study with students from New Zealand and other countries and make lasting friendships.
  5. A taste of the natural beauty and interest of New Zealand’s mix of Maori and European cultures within the scenic landscape of the Bay of Plenty.


To make your application to study at Otumoetai College, contact AA Education Network today and one of our counsellors will guide you step by step through the process of applying to the study and applying for your visa. We will also help you plan and organise your travel and answer any questions you may have.