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We are delighted to share the following story with you.
Japanese student Yoshinori Ban has had a memorable year at ACG Yoobee School of Design.

In addition to completing his Diploma of Computer Graphic Design, he has also just won two of the top prizes in Yoobee's 2014 Excellence Awards.
Yoshinori's Food as Art studio project wowed judges and earned him both the WalkerScott Supreme Individual Award and the Print NZ Print Award.

"These are my first awards,” said Yoshinori.
"I feel very happy and proud and the win has given me a lot of confidence.”
Each year, ACG Yoobee's prestigious Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate exceptional students. For Yoshinori, the win has come at the end of a very fruitful and creative 2014.

"I've had so many fantastic experiences while studying for my diploma. The tutors were really great – they're not just teachers, but also incredibly creative people, and hopefully we'll all stay good friends.

"I've also gained a lot of inspiration from my classmates, many of whom are very ambitious! Working on group projects and learning to communicate and cooperate with other students was a lot of fun and really valuable.”

A huge highlight was the Behance Portfolio Review, an event which brings creatives from all areas of the industry together to share work, and further develop their craft. The twice-annual event also boasts a mind-blowing line-up of guest speakers, and for design students such as Yoshinori, it's an invaluable way to get noticed by industry.

"I made some good industry contacts during the Behance Portfolio Review, and I received a lot of great feedback.”
During Yoshinori's studies at ACG Yoobee School of Design, he also improved his software skills (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) and was able to further develop his penchant for photography. The course also taught him prepress, packaging and ever-important time management skills.

"Studying for my diploma helped me refine my skills and gave me the opportunity to explore and experiment creatively.

It was extremely interesting and would be helpful even for people who are already working in the industry.”

Now that Yoshinori has a New Zealand design qualification under his belt – and a couple of amazing awards – the design world is his oyster. He has already landed a job In New Zealand as a graphic designer for Kiwise Digital Marketing Agency and there are undoubtedly more great things to come.



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