NZ Secondary Schools Championships

NZ Secondary Schools Championships

Silver medal at NZ Secondary Schools Championships

Our surfing team spent four days in Raglan last week trying to finish in the top five of the country for the first time. Our team consisted of Paul Carter (U16), Matt Hansen (U14), Peri Matenga (U14), Mac Christie (U14) and captain Alex Dive (U18). With the top four results in your team counting toward the school title we hoped that taking a small team wouldn’t count against us.

The first day of competition saw round one in the four age/gender divisions completed with Mac, Peri and Alex all surviving and progressing to Round 2. As the day went on the swell dropped away from the 3ft offshore in the morning to 2ft cross-shore in the afternoon. Round 2 of the U14 boys was held late on the first day at Manu Bay.

Wave selection and position in the line up were critical. The judges were looking for critical and vertical moves and Mac and Peri provided heaps. Both easily secured a
place in the quarter finals and eliminated some tough opposition along the way.

The next morning we had a 6:30am start with Alex having to surf first. We were greeted with a new 4ft-5ft swell. There was a lot of water moving down the point so the organisers decided that it would be only one wave that counted until the semi finals. This meant that if Alex caught a wave it had to be a good one. He did and
convincingly won his heat to progress to the quarters.

Peri’s quarter final was considered the final, such was the quality of surfer in the heat. Every surfer in the heat had made competition final’s in the past so Peri had to be switched on.

The quarter was so tight that the results were contested out of the water for some time before all protests were thrown out and Peri progressed to the Semi’s. For Mac
and Alex is was an easier road. They simply out performed their opponents. All the Semi finals were close with each boy progressing and all three making the finals for the first time.

Without realising we were also in the hunt for the national title, but not having a solid another solid result (top 4 count) always meant top three would be a good

The U14’s were up first and within 3 minutes Mac had surfed a wave from the point to the boat ramp (300m) and locked in a solid score. This set him up for a top
two finish if he could find another wave. Unfortunately he couldn’t, and Peri had two average waves. They finished second and third respectively and made a
huge impression on the NZ selectors.

In the U18’s Alex was consistently the best surfer in the water. His surfing was critical in the 4ft surf. He easily had two of the best waves in the final, but needed just a little extra in the end.

He finished second, just 0.5 of a point separated 1st and 2nd place. With all the results tabulated Tauranga Boys’ finished second overall missing the national title
by the narrowest of margins. This is by far the best result for our team and the boys that represented the College can be proud of their achievement.

Alexander Dive and Peri Matenga have just completed their first training camp to
gain selection into the NZ World Junior Team over the weekend. Both of the boys
spent some quality time with the NZ selection panel and made a good impression for final selection in October.

They are hoping to be selected in the U18 and U16 squads respectively. The world
championships are set to be held in Piha at the end of January. Alex has made
the team for the last two years and will be hoping to continue for one more year.

Matt Hewitt and Alex Dive head to Bells Beach (Victoria, Australia) this weekend for a Pro Junior (U20) competition. Swell forecasts look good with possible 8-10ft waves on offer (15ft face height). This will test the boys and their equipment out. Both have been training hard and will hope a good result will lift them up the Pro Junior


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