NZ education – EU-NZ education pilot pro

A new European Union/New Zealand pilot education exchange programme allows NZ students to study high level interaction design in Europe.

This is a three year exchange programme with a minimum of 24 NZ students with EU students having a similar opportunity to study in NZ. The programme also allows for the exchange of faculty members.

New Zealand Associate Tertiary Education Minister, Steve Maharey, said the programme will contribute to the sharing of knowledge and expertise which will benefir NZ in the long run.

"If New Zealand is to be a birthplace of world-changing people and ideas, we need to provide more opportunities for our emerging knowledge leaders to interact with other leading thinkers from around the world", he said.

Maurice Maxwell, Head of the European Commission Delegation in Wellington, described the programme as a bridge bringing two communities closer through collaboration in the field of international education.

"This pilot programme will further strengthen the ties between the European Union and New Zealand and potentially serve as a model for future cooperation in higher education", he said.


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