Summer and autumn in New Zealand

New Zealand - summer and autumn in New Zealand

New Zealand’s summer and autumn: a time for foodies 17-Jan-06
New Zealand’s summer and autumn months offer a myriad of festivals for culinary enthusiasts showcasing some of the country’s best food and wine.

Food and wine festivals throughout New Zealand provide good opportunities to taste regional specialties.

The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival on 11 March 2006 celebrates the West Coast’s unique lifestyle, food and hospitality. The event offers gourmet ‘bush tucker’ such as worms, seagull eggs, mako shark, emu meat, whitebait, ostrich meat, octopus, eel and mutton bird.

Chefs from around the world will gather in Auckland for the World Association of Cook’s Societies (WACS) Congress from 12 - 16 March 2006. The Congress will feature the Hans Bueschken’s World Junior Chefs’ Challenge, and demonstrations and workshops by internationally-renowned chefs.

The Bluff Oyster and Southland Seafood Festival on 22 and 23 April 2006 showcases Southland seafood and wine with the star of the show being the Bluff oyster. The programme also includes oyster shucking and eating competitions, wearable arts competitions, and the Southern Seas Ball.


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