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Bachelor's degrees/graduate diplomas

Level 7

  • This level requires wide ranging highly specialised skills in more than one area
  • The student specialises in a particular discipline with in-depth knowledge of the subject area

This level in New Zealand eduction demands highly specialised technical and scholastic skills. Thestudent/learner must also have basic research skills across a major discipline. The learning process involves the full range of procedures expected of a major discipline. For this level, complex tasks are applied in highly specialised and variable contexts. This is a natural progression from the previous level.

Since the learning process is complex at level 7, the student/learner must possessin-depth and specialist knowledge in a major discipline in order to perform thecomplex and variable tasks. The tasks assigned for level 7 will not have concreteproblems but the data and concepts submitted for analysis, transformation and evaluation will be abstract. The student/learner must be able to use his/herspecialist knowledge to formulate appropriate responses to any given contextual problem.

Level 7 applies learning in planning, resourcing and managing available resources inorder to achieve a satisfactory output. The student/learner uses his/her knowledgewithin broad general guidelines and assumes complete responsibility for his/her own as the well as the group’s learning outcomes.

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