Science – Earth like Twin found by NZ astronomers

New Zealand Science - Earth like Twin found by NZ astronomers

Earth like Twin found by NZ astronomers
In a remarkable find, astronomers from Auckland and Massey universities in collaboration with Auckland's Stardome observatory have found a huge, icy planet akin to the earth. The discovery was made using a variation of a Albert Einstein technique. The discovery has thrilled scientists and revived hopes of finding a planet that could sustain life as we know it.

"The new planet is Neptune-sized and icy but unlikely to be covered with a layer of gas like Neptune, Dr. Philip Yock of Auckland University said.
"Instead it may be akin to a large, chilly version of our own earth".

The past decade has witnessed the discovery of more than 100 gaseous Jupiter-sized planets and four medium Neptune-sized planets but there have been no discoveries to date of Earth-sized terrestrial planets.

Dr. Yock said the dream of finding an earth-sized terrestrial planet in the Milky way was a step closer to being realised.


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