New Zealand Photographer Job

Getting paid for your photographs
By Ben Waterworth

Have you just been to New Zealand and taken some amazing pictures? Are you an upcoming photographer who wants to have your work published for millions around the world to see? Would you like to get paid, simply for taking a few pictures on your holiday and then having your work seen right around planet Earth? Then you have found the website for you!

Here at AA Education Network, we are looking for people who have recently been or are about to go to New Zealand to send us their pictures of their trip and show off the amazing landscape that makes New Zealand so unique! Maybe these pictures you have taken are a little bit quirky? A little bit special? Or very interesting that you just want everyone around the world to see? Well you should definitely send them in to us because we are dying to see them!

We are especially after images that you generally wouldn’t see anywhere else. Maybe you took a picture at an extremely picturesque area that is just crying to be shown to the world? Send it in to us and we can make that happen for you! We want to be able to make our website unique and show off the vast skills of many different photographers from around the world, all the while giving you money for doing that for us! It really is something that you can be proud to have on your resume as well as having that extra money in your back pocket.

This could be of some unique New Zealand food, unique New Zealand people or just some stunning scenery that you have taken in a completely different light to what people are used to. Even shots in some of New Zealand’s amazingly beautiful cities could be sent in to us if you have captured them in a way that has never previously been shown to the world. It’s entirely up to you to show off your talents and what makes New Zealand so unique for people to come and visit!

So if all of this sounds perfect to you and you are just dying to give it a try, then what are you waiting for? Start sending us in your photos NOW for no strings attached commitment to us and start earning money TODAY! It’s something you definitely won’t regret when it comes to your photography career!

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