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Fishing New Zealand - Fishing in New Zealand

An Anglers Paradise

For anglers the world over, New Zealand is virtually the top in sheer abundance especially in  the freshwater species, Brown and Rainbow trout.  Additionally the coastal waters off the North Island have a robust reputation for taking huge examples of big game billfish.

Being two major Islands ( 103,737 square miles- 268,680 kilometers) with more than double the area of England and Scotland and riddled with inlets, rivers and lakes it is no wonder New Zealand is so blessed to have this extraordinary bounty in fishing. It is also apparent immediately emerging from the airports at any season of the year that New Zealand has a 'Goldie Locks' climate - never too hot nor too cold and  anointed with rain the year round. This ever temperate climate has lent itself to often phenomenal growth size with-in introduced species. This has been seen in  not only the spectacular stature in Flora such as the California Ponderosa Pine but similarly with the 19th century introduction of the Brown and Rainbow Trout into the Lakes and rivers.

The various salt-water charter excursions abound on the north east coast from Bay of Islands and Whangarei and the peak summer season to catch the game fish is from January to late April. Striped and Blue Marlin,Yellowtail Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Broadbill Swordfish  are the prime big game fish taken.

But the easiest, most leisurely and arguably most fulfilling endeavor is in the inland freshwater fishing. Both Islands have extensive populations of rainbow and brown trout in almost every river and lake in the country. The problem is not in the catching- but rather in adhering to the daily limit and size restrictions.
The quinnat salmon are a popular sport fish caught in the South Island in the Canterbury and Otago regions. The season for these runs from November through February.

Interestingly the season for fishing( brown and rainbow) at New Zealand's huge Lake Taupo in the middle of the North Island,  is year round non stop.