Education Providers

New Zealand Education Providers

New Zealand Education Providers

New Zealand Education Providers

English is the prime language of instruction in teaching and discussion and this enables New Zealand qualifications to be recognized in English-speaking countries like the United States and Australia.

Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary education
Most school-age children start primary education at the age of 5 and then move on to secondary education from 13 to 17 or 18. Most New Zealand schools are state-run and the qualifications are nationally recognized.

There are eight national universities in New Zealand that offer undergraduate and postgraduate studies to international students.

Technical institutes and Polytechnics
There are 20 such institutes and they offer courses as diverse as agriculture and engineering.

Colleges of Education
These colleges in New Zealand provide special teacher training courses for eligible students.

Distance Education
This is a very popular option for international students to study in New Zealand and the standards are very high.

Choosing an institution
International students should choose their course wisely and keep in mind their future career preferences and personal expectations.


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