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AA Education is the most comprehensive web site on New Zealand/Australia Educational Institutions.
AA Education is located on all the major web sites globally.
AA Education is getting visited by potential students from every region in the world. Thousands of students have used, and will use our sites as a resource for education in New Zealand and Australia.
AA Education web site will give you a marketing advantage at no investment.
AA Education is easy to navigate and is filled with valuable information, priceless to potential students and authorized Agents
AA Education staff attends education fairs regularly to promote New Zealand/Australia Educational Institutions
AA Education advertises in various media; other web sites, relevant international student magazines and newspapers.
You can apply directly to submit your application through us and also get dedicated support every step of the way

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The AA Network's clients include travellers, working holiday travellers, prospective international students, job seekers, immigrants and internship applicants.

The Network provides a wide range of services to institutions such as English language...

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AA Education Network agrees to provide the following services in the offices selected by clients under the Core Services option:

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