New Zealand College Diploma


Level 5

  • This level requires specialist skills
  • A broad knowledge base is required

This level 5 requires a wide range of scholastic skills and technical aptitude. Procedures for level 5 may vary from standard to non-standard and contexts may range from routine to non-routine.

As far as learning is concerned, the student/learner requires a substantial depth of knowledge in a particular area in addition to his/her broad knowledge base. This isdone with the aim to formulating appropriate responses to some concrete problems with theoretical underpinnings.

Learning at level 5 involves self-directed activity and directed activity wherenecessary. In cases of directed activity, there will normally be broad general guidelines for the student/learner to follow. He/she at this level is full responsible forthe nature, quantity and quality of the outcomes produced and may assume some responsibility for contributing towards the achievement of group outcomes.

Level 6

  • This level requires basic research skills
  • Bachelor's degrees/graduate diplomas

The procedure for this level encompasses specialist, technical and scholastic learning.The student/learner at this level will find himself/herself confronted with a range of standard and non-standard procedures in often non-standard combinations.The assigned tasks for level 6 may vary and there might be no fixed routine schedule.

In order to succeed at this level, the student/learner will be required to apply his/her specialist knowledge in more than one area. He/she may be required to analyse,reformat or evaluate from a wide range of readily available information. The problems posed at level 6 may range from concrete to plain abstract.

The student/learner will apply his/her knowledge in managing the learning processes within broadly defined parameters for specific activities. At this level, he/she becomes completely accountable for his/her own as well the group’s learning outcomes.

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