Luxury Accommodation New Zealand

Luxury Accommodation New Zealand - At an idyllic island or pristine hilltop, a week’s sojourn in an exclusive resort would be a dream come true for many tourists.

Sumptuous facilities, comfy treatment, and fine dining would make the trip to New Zealand even more invigorating.

Luxury Hotels Perched at a Lucrative Spot Attract Tourists for a Lifetime Sumptuous Experience

Boutique hotels with luxurious interior decoration, world-class facilities, and breathtaking view from the hotel room cost a fortune no doubt, but it allows guests to enjoy a lifetime treat. However, many hotels may claim to be an exclusive one. It is best to tally its rating with Qualmark. A Qualmark badge would ensure that you are not being cheated by an inferior lodge but with one that is reputed, efficient, and gives value for your money.

Plush Hotels for Celebrations
Many people celebrate wedding, engagements, or anniversary at a plush hotel with opulent furnishing and exotic fine dining. Some couples spend their honeymoon at a luxurious resort cum spa. Exclusively designed, serene and private, many of these luxury inns have suites with spacious drawing rooms, ante-rooms, and private.

Often, business meetings, seminars, and conferences are held at various plush hotels where there are conference or board rooms, meeting rooms, and banquet halls. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and electronic-cum-telecommunication facilities, the hotels are apt enough to conduct business work or press conferences.

The Spire Hotel situated in the alpine resort hosts banquets and meetings for a gathering. During the wintry months, the ski concierge is available for the guests. The Sofitel Queenstown has a luxurious spa with boardroom and cellar for the guests. The exotic Vie restaurant treats guests with the delicacies prepared by the executive chef.

Round-the-Clock Entertainment

It is not easy to set a posh resort at an idyllic place where nature is left untouched with human habitation. Naturalists often look for a spot to witness the pristine natural habitat of New Zealand, watch the near-extinct birds and animals, and enjoy lavish facilities.

At Otago in Southern Alps and at the banks of Lake Wakatipu, the Blanket Bay offers guests the scope to go for golfing, hiking, horse riding, fine dining, spa therapy, biking, and fly fishing. Hotel DeBrett at the heart of the city, Auckland offers jazz entertainments by Catkins and a 5-course entertaining dinner.

Those looking for bushwalk among the Kauri trees, guided bird watching sessions, and guided camps, Kauri Cliffs in Northland would be the ideal bet. If you are lucky, you can witness wild boars and possum while walking through the forests of the Waiaua Bay.

Rates and Deals
The rates of the “exclusive” hotels vary according to the booking season, number of days, and deals associated with it. For instance, wedding and romantic packages are priced differently where concessions are given to the bride and the groom for using some of the facilities in the hotel.

During off-season, heavy discounts are also offered to the guests. Some families get complimentary nights if they stay longer or book a hotel early. Pepper on the Point at Lake Rotorua offers 50 percent and more discounts when tourists book the rooms during August. Priced at around 300 Dollars in mid August, you should consider yourself lucky.

Treetops Lodge and Wilderness Experience in Rotorua offer intense, hiking and trekking entertainments. Travelers can book a comfy room at 1000 Dollars. In Marlborough, travelers often stay at 5-star rated luxury hotels at Maison Grange, Pelorus Lodge, and The Bec Spa Resort. A long stay would include complimentary use of many facilities.

In a nutshell, New Zealand has many top rated boutique, stylish lodges and classic luxurious resorts that provide non-stop entertainment for the guest – at a certain price.

Exclusive Accommodation

The preferred accommodation of celebrities and the ultra-rich, exclusive accommodation is the crème de la crème, the most opulent and luxurious accommodation that New Zealand has to offer.  While many places will use the term in advertising, only the lodgings that have earned an Exclusive rating from Qualmark, New Zealand’s official tourism quality agency, can truly call themselves exclusive.

The process for gaining Exclusive accreditation is exhaustive.  The establishment must first have earned a five star rating and a score of at least 95% in the Hotel, Self Contained or Serviced/Guest and Hosted assessment criteria.  A Qualmark team will then assess the organisation against a long and strict list of criteria, including management stability and suitability of staff.  Once this criterion has been satisfied, an anonymous, unannounced Qualmark assessor will spend a night at the establishment.  If the assessor is satisfied, only then will the lodgings earn a Qualmark Exclusive rating.
Exclusive accommodation affords intimate and individual lodgings in gorgeous locations.  They have excellent facilities and activities and offer unparalleled customer service.  Exclusive accommodation usually takes form as a retreat, hotel or beach villa.  As well as the usual facilities, such as a swimming pool and golf course, they often offer more unique attractions, such as Balinese spa treatment, clay pigeon shooting and eco tours.

Exclusive accommodation is understandably expensive, but can be affordable.  Some lodgings offer discounted packages or a lower rate on less popular times of the week or year (such as Tuesday night, or in the middle of winter.)  Prices are all inclusive, so you don’t have to pay extra for meals or the use of facilities.  For the best deal, try the Qualmark website or any accommodation site that presents the best packages on offer.  You can often book your accommodation on these websites as well.

Exclusive accommodation gives you the opportunity to live like a celebrity; unfortunately, you also need the bank balance of a celebrity.  The extras make it well worth the money and a great experience, if you can afford it.

Boutique Accommodation

If you’d like to kick back with a glass of wine and some delicious gourmet food while enjoying the peace and quiet of New Zealand’s beautiful countryside, you should investigate some of the magnificent boutique accommodation the country has to offer.

There is no all encompassing definition for the term ‘boutique accommodation’ – lodgings differ dramatically and can include cottage houses, historic guest houses, city home stays and even yachts.  A loose definition would describe boutique accommodation as high class, luxurious establishments that provide privacy and individual hospitality.  If it’s an owner operated business, chances are it’s boutique.
Boutique accommodation differs from other accommodation offerings in that it is more personal.  Unlike anonymous hotels, where rooms are usually identical, boutique accommodation is a bit more homely.  Rooms are decorated to the owner’s tastes and each room is normally decorated differently.  Some establishments may employ different themes for each room.

This style of accommodation is often the choice for couples on a romantic getaway or individuals looking for a time out.  While customer service is a priority, staff will generally leave you alone unless you ask for help.  For places that house several people at once (such as bed and breakfasts and beach villas), the rooms are spaced far apart so that you don’t have to deal with neighbours.  Privacy is a strong focus in boutique accommodation.

New Zealand’s gorgeous natural environment provides the backdrop for a huge selection of charming boutique lodges.  Since many people enjoying boutique accommodation prefer to stay in their room, rooms are usually provided with all the comforts you’ll need, such as a spa, bidet, DVD player and reading material.  Some may organise tours and activities for guests.  Breakfast is usually included in the price.  When meals are provided, they generally utilise the high quality, local food and beverages that New Zealand produces.

Boutique accommodation can be expensive, especially if you are staying for more than a few days (these places often offer discounted weekend deals.)  But it combines privacy, excellent customer service and beautiful surroundings and is a great choice for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
If you’re considering spending sometime in New Zealand’s beautiful rural areas and don’t want to stay in an anonymous hotel, check out the great range of boutique accommodation on offer.

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