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Cultural and Social life in New Zealand

New Zealand is a diverse and multicultural country and has benefited from waves of migration over the last century. The locals are very friendly and hospitable to all newcomers to their country. Equal opportunity legislation and New Zealand immigration policy safeguards the rights of all citizens and is enforced by the Human Rights Commission. Sexual harassment and discrimination is illegal and the Human Rights Commission is the main body that deals with enforcing this legislation.

Indoor/outdoor living

New Zealand's temperate climate allows for a variety of outdoor recreational activities such as walking and going to the beach.

Live in New Zealand

New Zealand… It is a beautiful country in the Southern Hempisphere with a low cost of living and for University students – low fees and a plethora of advantages!

For international students the benefits of studying in New Zealand are numerous and given its multicultural base it makes integration easy.

The New Zealand education system is based on the British education system which makes it possible for students to study their undergraduate degree in New Zealand and their post-graduate degree in a different English-speaking country.

New Zealand also provides their international students with plenty of employment options. If an international student is studying a fulltime course for more than a year then they are entitled to work full time during holiday periods as well as a maximum of 20 hours per week during the term.

Partners (spouses) of the students who are studying in areas of skill shortage (one such area is IT) can apply for a work permit which would be viable for the duration of the course.

And for those international students who have graduated from a course of study in New Zealand, they will be free to seek a six month employment permit as well as receive extra points in the general skills category of their permanent residence application.

Taking up an education in New Zealand ensures international students are provided with a decreased cost of living (whilst the living environment is spectacular) as well as all these advantages, advantages which other countries do not offer.

Life in New Zealand

Popular for its low crime rates (the police don’t even need to carry guns); New Zealand has got to be one of the safest places in the world to live. It is a democratic country run on the Westminster parliamentary system.

New Zealand is free of abject poverty and hunger and doesn’t live by class systems. It promotes freedom of speech, expression and religious beliefs. New Zealand is certainly a country of equal opportunity! Whilst New Zealand prides itself on being a liberal country there are laws which it enforces and quite fairly so. Alcohol consumption is prohibited for those under the age of 18, the first stage of driver’s licensing is not permitted until the age of 15, drug usage and selling is strictly illegal, only permanent residents may apply for firearm permits, discrimination is not acceptable and smoking restrictions are placed in public places.

The environment isn’t congested with the pollution so many other places have due to over crowding of the cities and even though New Zealand is tucked away in the Southern Hemisphere it remains multiculturally diverse. In fact with just over four million people living in New Zealand, most are either immigrants or descended from immigrants.

The public health systems in New Zealand are world standard with essential health care provided free as well as government subsidies for low income earners. The hospitals are clean and maintain a high standard.

Many employment categories for immigrants are available and include: The Skilled Migrant Category (for those who have skill/qualifications/experiences much needed in New Zealand), Work to Residence (allowing temporary working visas for those seeking permanent residence) and the Relocating Company Category (where key employees are required by companies moving to New Zealand).

One New Zealand dollar is equivalent to 0.45 Euros so clearly the cost of living in the “Land of the Long White Cloud” is economical. Their prices for consumers are competitive and the cost of housing is so reduced that around two thirds of the population of New Zealand own their own homes. Housing is varied with inner-city apartments and houses on the market alongside townhouses with views of the seaside, suburban homes and small rural farmlets.

With so much to offer, not to mention by such a welcoming, friendly people it would be hard to find a better, more stable and secure country than New Zealand.

New Zealand consists of it's two main islands the north island and the south island

New Zealand is a smaller country with just over four million people calling it home. Which is a great thing giving you more time to enjoy everything New Zealand has to offer including it's spectacular beaches, snow fields, mountain ranges, historic towns and bustling cities. Located between tranquil waters of the Pacific and Tasman oceans makes for amazing scenery, surf and beaches.

New Zealanders of kiwis as they may be better known, enjoy a relaxed and more outdoor lifestyle. With the natural wonders New Zealand has to offer it's no wonder some of the main sporting interests here are mountain biking, skiing, surfing and snow boarding. How ever you can't leave out the All Blacks New Zealands national rugby team who they are very proud of and show great support for.

As most of the world is currently having economic difficulties it may come as a surprise that New Zealand currently has more jobs available then they do people to do them. If you have experience, qualifications and are a skilled worker then there is no better place then New Zealand to find yourself a new job.

Many of those who will come to work in New Zealand will end up working and living in either the capital city of Wellington or the two other main cities being Auckland and Christchurch. Buying and Renting in New Zealand is still affordable, making for a nice change from other western countries.

As you can see New Zealand is not only a beautiful place to visit but also an exciting place to live.

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