Linking schools and cultures through the web

New Zealander Richard Rowland plans to use the power of the internet to link schools and cultures. His One World, Many Cultures project envisages visiting more than 140 different countries over the next 25 years and recording this on a website for sharing knowledge.

Rowland's first trip will be to a school in Raglan followed by stints in the Pacific Islands, Mexico and Central America. Here information will be shared and recorded on the site with projects listed to develop student skills and confidence in themselves as agents for change and progress.

Since the information will be stored online, schools and other interested people from all over the globe can share and particpate in this innovative cultural dialogue. Mr. Rowland's travels will be recorded in the form of travel journals and this will include interesting information about the countries visited,
"We're trying to make the computers in schools no longer a lesson but a resource, Rowland says. "But you have to be careful in education. If teachers don't think the site is a textbook, they don't use it".

Mr. Rowland intends to facilitate cultural dialogue through affordable internet call services such as Skype as well as hosting streaming videos from his site.


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