Language School in Wellington Testimonial

Language School in Wellington Testimonial

Studying abroad was my dream because I am interested in other countries and foreign people. I was very happy when I was on my flight to New Zealand. I was going to stay there about three months. However, I stayed there for a year. I was addicted to New Zealand.

I spent my time studying at a language school in Wellington and the time at school has become a special place in my life. The school gave me a chance to study English and make great friends.

There were brilliant managers and teachers at The Campbell Institute. If they were not there, I would not have had such a great time.

My first week in New Zealand was pretty hard, I had butterflies in my stomach because of English, and the new circumstance. On the other hand, my homestay family gave me a place where I can feel relief. They asked me about my day everyday. They were welcoming to me , like my real family. They respected Japanese culture and my character. I can say that they are kind of my New Zealand mum and dad.

During my time at Campbell I could make lots of friends who are from Asia, Europe, the Middle East Asia and South America even though my English was not good. It was difficult to communicate with each other so I tried to study hard. Obviously, English has a strong influence for us but I feel that English is not the most important thing to make friends. My first class at school had students from the Middle East. They have a rather different culture from Japanese. I was very interested in their culture and I read a Muslim book and went to the Mosque. After that I could make more friends. My Chilean friends told me about Latin dance and gave me Spanish music. There is heaps of Spanish music in my ipod and I am listening to the songs everyday

I was fascinated with yoga and hot coffee. I wanted to excise in my free time and we went to hot yoga as a school activity. Hot yoga class was amazing. It was nearly 40 degree and 70% humidity. A class takes 90 minutes. We are not allowed lots of drinking water during the class.

I had not had experience of yoga and my body was not flexible but I went there more than five days per week. I really enjoyed it. Also, I love coffee especially flat white. I reckon that Wellington is a cafe paradise. I was lucky I decided to go to Wellington because I could find out how wonderful hot yoga and coffee are.

New Zealand changed my life style and character. I am sure I am getting open-minded and I have ambitions for my future. I want to say thank you to everyone I met in New Zealand. My friends are my precious thing.

Akiko K. was a student at The Campbell Institute for over 1
year. She was invloved with projects at The Campbell Institute, which included the producation of the Education Wellington movie, to support our Capital as a study destination. We thank Akiko for extending her studies from 3 to 12 months and becoming a great friend to the school and the students.


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