Photo-journalism is a high earning career option in New Zealand. Many freelancers use their own blog sites to upload images that can delineate much more than a write up.


Tips to Help You Learn on the Job and Enjoy a Mix of Photography and Journalism

The truth about photos saying thousand words can be realized in journalism where depicting the real picture about an incident is one of the major tasks that an efficient journalist must prove. It not only requires courage to highlight the reality though a photograph, but also the dexterity of dealing with cameras, art of taking the perfect shot, and pitching the image for better promotion.

In New Zealand, there can be many categories of photo-journalism. A photographer must realize whether his or her photo explicates the significance of its presence in the article or has it been forced into the write up. In most cases, cameramen learn through hands-on experience and intuition. Participating in photo competition gives a platform to know the top cameramen and how they have clicked some award-winning photos.

Here is a perfect approach for those who want to use photos as a means to spice up their article in a website, journal, book, or guide.

Know Your Camera – To click mesmerizing photos, you must be equipped with the right gadgets. The manual of the camera must be well-read and understood using each and every part of the camera for optimum effect.

Attend Journalism cum Photography Curriculum – From using digital compact camera to SLR, and videos and marketing the same for the readers, require studies. You can take up few weeks to few months’ specialized photo learning.

Socialize and Form Networks – It is not easy for a journalist to make a foray in the job market as there are experienced scribes. The only way to outsmart all contenders is to pitch an innovative photo in a social networking site. If the photo appeals to the members in the site, it would go viral. In no time, everyone would know about the photo-journalist. You would also know various seminars, workshops, and competitions on photo-journalism. Some literary festivals also act as a platform for budding photo-scribes.

Create Your Portfolio – Success as a photo-journalist can only be possible if you judiciously create your portfolio. The portfolio would include photos of a particular theme. For instance, passionate pictures that can readily emote a reader must be placed in one group if you want to highlight this factor in your job interview.

Check Out Sponsorship – Although photo-journalism is an engaging career option, it can initially be an expensive hobby. Freelancers find it hard to meet the expenses incurred during a shoot. If traveling is a part of the job, it can cost you even more. A sponsorship from a travel guide or resort would enable such professionals to earn regularly.

If you are an experience pro, you can become a photo editor or an erudite. All in all, there is an immense scope to give a fillip to one’s career in photo-journalism – in an unspoiled country like New Zealand.

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