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Even at High School Job-Oriented Learning is in Vogue through Gateway Courses

Through Gateway courses, students get an entry to businesses offered by the Industrial Training Organization (ITO). The job-based curriculum is funded and organized by Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). The high schools which have a tie-up with TEC on Gateway courses receive funds to organize the training.

The students however, don’t get payment for their traineeship. They also don’t have to pay for the course as well. The course allows the students to shape up their career and what they intend to study for tertiary education.

Traits of Gateway Learning
The curriculum of Gateway and general school learning are taught simultaneously to the students. The students studying Gateway would get an edge over the other students as the learning offers:

Structure workplace or hands-on learning
Scope for learning new tips and skills
Clarity in assessment methodology

…And, more and more ideas are being brainstormed and integrated into the curriculum. Gateway, along with Modern Apprenticeship Scheme is a novel approach to match the Vocational Education and Training (VET) that is available for various colleges in New Zealand. Initially, Gateway was implemented in 2001 in 22 high schools in New Zealand. Today, it has expanded to 4000 or more schools.

Here is a quick look on Gateway in various high schools in New Zealand.

Otumoetai College – The students must be referred through a teacher or parent to take up Gateway courses. Those who successfully pass the curriculum are eligible for:

Getting credits as per industrial norms.
Pursue NCEA Level 1, 2, or 3 if they start with trade related career.
Getting registered with the ITO for workplace apprenticeship.

Kerikeri High School – Nearly 75 students or more participate in Gateway curriculum each year from this high school. Care has been taken to ensure:

Students get to work with prominent local business hubs.
Six weeks of practical experience at a rate of 1-day per week basis.
Students can work for a maximum of 3 terms.
Students successful pass the course with 10 credit points.

Takapuna Grammar School – This high school institute offer Gateway courses where the school authorities take initiative to ensure:

There is a career subject recommendation.
Variety of choices to study, such as radio, media, fashion, hair styling, beauty therapy, childcare, photography, agriculture, building, and marine engineering.
Students of Year 11 to Year 13 + get to study this curriculum.

Top Training Jobs for Gateway Courses
Students studying Gateway courses would typically work in botany and zoology area, sports, health, business, information technology, design, and service industry. Top jobs would invite students to work as hairdresser, nanny, spa therapist, fashion designer, plumber, carpenter, nurse, and florist. There are similar other positions which would otherwise be difficult to follow if no learning was done during high school curriculum.

Gateway is a government initiative which falls under the Education Act and Tertiary Education Strategy. It has become a popular initiative for hardworking students.


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