Studying in the Land of the Long White Cloud
by Julia B, student from Germany

In the past decades more and more overseas students decide to study in New Zealand to improve their English skills. But the schools usually have so much more to offer.

One reason why thousands of international students choose New Zealand is due to the incredibly good service offered by the schools. Many students have a lack of English and therefore have trouble following the classes and mingle with the locals. To improve the language skills students can take ESOL, a special language   
support for international students.

To prevent students from getting homesick they get support from their first day on. Each one has a contact person, usually a student in their class, who helps them getting along in the new surroundings. Besides every school has a coordinator who is permanently in contact with the host families.

Furthermore an extensive curriculum is offered. Contrary to other countries the students have the opportunity to choose classes they are interested in. "Since  I was five I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer, so why would I have to take subjects like Biology and Maths?" a 17 years old girl states. Instead she took classes like Sewing and Beauty Therapy. Therefore students have the chance to get a greater insight in their dream vocations which helps in their future job decision. Be it being a surf instructor, a video  editor or an accounting manager.


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