English Language Schools in New Zealand

English Language Schools in New Zealand

Kaplan Aspect College

Kaplan Aspect College New Zealand (Christchurch)
Located in Christchurch, the ‘garden city’ of New Zealand’s South Island, the College has been teaching English to overseas students since 1979. The courses are accredited and recognised for t...

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Christchurch Institute
Christchurch Polytechnic has been in the education business since 1906 as a provider of high quality accredited certificate, diploma and degree courses equal to any. The Institute has welcomed thousands of international...


New Zealand College (Auckland)
Founded in 2002, New Zealand College (Auckland) is young and modern with state of the art facilities, qualified staff and great location. Students are encouraged and cared for by the staff and assisted with...

ETC New Zealand

ETC English Teaching College
English Teaching College is the most multi-cultural Private Training Institute in New Zealand with a long tradition in teaching English to international students, migrants and refugees. Since our accreditation...

Kaplan Aspect

Kaplan Aspect Auckland
Kaplan Aspect Auckland was founded in 1984 and since then has provided a range of options for international students wishing to travel overseas and develop their English language skills.
Kaplan Aspect has been in operation...

The Campbell Institute

Campbell Institute
The Campbell Institute (Wellington)

Located in New Zealand’s capital, the Institute’s Wellington campus was opened in 2001 and offers flexible English language options to students from around the world. The facility is ...

University of Auckland English Language Academy

English Language Academy - University of Auckland
The ELA is located adjacent the University of Auckland, one of New Zealand’s largest universities, and offers a range of accredited English language courses taught by qualified and experienced t...

University of Waikato Language Institute

Language Institute
University of Waikato Language Institute – Pathways College

The Language Institute is an activity of the University’s Pathways College, offering students the resources to develop their English language skills in general as ...

Wellington Business School

Business School
Wellington Business School is an international English language school, among other courses, that also offers work experience, and Australian tertiary pathways with close links to North Coast Institute network of TAFE colleges...

New Zealand Education System

New Zealand is an English speaking country and most New Zealanders are of British descent. It is an attractive, friendly and relaxing country to study English with a wide range of adventure and recreational activities to make your time more enjoyable.
Schools and Courses

There are around 100 English Language schools throughout New Zealand and many different-types of schools.

Most students will study towards the IELTS English test but other english tests such as TOEFL, Cambridge and Pitmans are also available.

English Language Schools

International students can only obtain a student visa to study at an English Language School that has been approved by the New Zealand Government Qualification Authority. Several large groups of English schools also belong to established industry organisations like FIELS. English Language Schools provide a wide range of general, academic, secondary school preparation and holiday English language programmes to suit every student or holiday group.

Tertiary English Language Schools have English Language courses for international students for those students who need to improve their English to gain entry into under-graduate or post-graduate programs. Students can normally begin their courses each week and can study for short or long periods. Courses can be full-time, 25 hours per week, or part-time at 15 hours per week. When a student has achieved the required English level they may proceed to further studies at University, Polytechnic or secondary school.

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English Schools New Zealand - "Excellent English tuition & study abroad experience."

Our English Schools New Zealand Portal contains information for people who would like to study English at a language school in New Zealand. We can help you to search for the school which is best for your needs. Contact our qualified agents now and use our free services!

  • Students from around the world apply with us to come to study abroad in NZ and learn English as a foreign language or second language (EFL, ESL) in a friendly supportive school environment.
  • Intensive General English is our most popular English course, along with TOEIC and Cambridge FCE and CAE exam preparation classes.
  • However some students like to teach English in the future. Learning English is an exciting and challenging experience.
  • Whether a student wants to develop their conversational skills, prepare for an international English language examination, or prepare for secondary school or tertiary education in New Zealand, English language schools will assist each student to realise their language learning goals.

Language Schools in New Zealand provide a variety of accommodation and housing options. Most students prefer to stay with a host family (homestay) in a NZ house, while others prefer the independence of living in an English school apartment or flat. Some schools have a hostel with dorms and private rooms for students.

We help international students with our free services to apply to learn English in New Zealand and qualify for a student visa.

English Language School New Zealand

Find English language colleges in New Zealand. Study abroad in NZ and learn English as a foreign language or second language (EFL, ESL).

Popular English courses: Intensive General English, TOEIC, Cambridge FCE CAE exam preparation classes. 

All students can enter an English Language School or Institute to study General English for as long as they wish. Longer term English programmes with an academic focus, sometimes called Academic English or Certificates of Attainment in English, are for 12 weeks and have 4 or 5 entry dates each year.

Many English Language Schools have short term holiday and activity programmes mainly for younger students. General English programmes can be for part-time or full-time (23+ hours per week) study but Academic English programmes are normally only for full-time study.

Student visas cannot be issued for part-time study. A suitable English language programme can be found or arranged to suit most requirements.

Students intending to proceed to secondary school can undertake a General English course or secondary school preparation course for up to 3 months at an English Language School before proceeding to secondary school depending on their English and academic level.

Some secondary schools require students to pass an English test before they can be enrolled and these students should attend an English Language School to prepare them for this test.

Many secondary schools will accept international students directly and have English language programmes within the school to assist students.

Students intending to further their study at tertiary institutions can study English leading to the IELTS Test at an English Language School or at a Tertiary English Language Institute.

Study English in New Zealand

It is a beautiful country in the Southern Hempisphere with a low cost of living and for University students – low fees and a plethora of advantages!

For international students the benefits of studying in New Zealand are numerous and given its multicultural base it makes integration easy.

Want to Study in New Zealand? 

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The New Zealand education system is based on the British education system which makes it possible for students to study their undergraduate degree in New Zealand and their post-graduate degree in a different English-speaking country.

New Zealand also provides their international students with plenty of employment options. If an international student is studying a fulltime course for more than a year then they are entitled to work full time during holiday periods as well as a maximum of 20 hours per week during the term.

Partners (spouses) of the students who are studying in areas of skill shortage (one such area is IT) can apply for a work permit which would be viable for the duration of the course.

And for those international students who have graduated from a course of study in New Zealand, they will be free to seek a six month employment permit as well as receive extra points in the general skills category of their permanent residence application.

Taking up an education in New Zealand ensures international students are provided with a decreased cost of living (whilst the living environment is spectacular) as well as all these advantages, advantages which other countries do not offer.

Registered Education Agents help international students to study English in New Zealand. To apply for our free services and English tests, contact us here!

English Schools Look for Attractive Ways to Lure International Students
Students from non-English speaking countries often require developing their English language capabilities before they can study further. Some need special training to start work in New Zealand or any other place where English is the mode of communication.

But foreigners often don’t only study in New Zealand. Many enrol in institutes to have fun and entertainments as well. There are study tours that don’t involve mundane class-room curriculum but help students to mingle with people, enjoy themselves, and learn few other skills as well. If you want to pick up English teaching skills, you can also take part in tutorial cum workshops.

Study Tours
English schools are open to students of all age-groups. There can be young learners or college students who want to study further at a university and need to participate in English for academic purposes. There are skilled people also who study Business English to improve their communication in business.

For all students, there are outdoor trips, such as entertainment tours to the zoo, shopping malls, museum, or theme parks. There are tours to help students learn a different skill altogether, such as skiing, horse-riding, and similar activities. Often, students are allowed to work for the family as Demi Pair and interact with the homestay family throughout the evening.

The idea for all these tours and excursions is to introduce New Zealand culture and mannerisms. The students also learn interpersonal skills as well. College students studying English are also allowed to select a list of activities from the activity list. These may include sightseeing or taking part in workshops as well.

Preparatory Courses apart from English
Many English schools in New Zealand offer General English along with certain special subjects, such as high school subjects. Once students complete these courses, they get a suitable recommendation letter for admissions to the high schools. In the mornings, the students study English while they study specialized courses, such as Geography, History, or Science in the afternoon.

Teacher Training Courses just for English Teachers
If you are from a non-English speaking country but gearing up to become a professional English teacher, you can do so easily by taking up certain courses offered at English schools in New Zealand.

These courses have certain qualifying conditions. Those who consider these courses are students with a good knowledge in English but no teaching background. Some students may be also teaching English but don’t have a formal qualification for it.

The programs include:  

  1. CELTA -- Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  2. TESOL -- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  3. TECSOL -- Teaching English to Child Speakers of Other Languages

English schools are not class-room programs only. They can be outdoor and entertaining programs or courses which offer practical work experience as well. As an international student, you can stay under pastoral care of the institute and enjoy secured and friendly environment to study.

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