Diploma in Information Technology Support

Diploma in Information Technology Support in New Zealand

Enrol for Computing @ Unitec NZ

Academic Entry: as per country requirements for pre-degree entry;
English language requirements: an overall academic IELTS of 6.0 with
no less than 5.0 in each band


Diploma in Information Technology Support (Level 6 - 2 years)
The Diploma in Information Technology Support will teach students how
to provide administration and ongoing support of Information Technology
(IT) infrastructure in a range of business, government and research

After completion of the programme, students can apply for the Graduate Work Permit - this will allows students to spend the next year finding work in the computing industry; A job allows students to stay and work in New Zealand for 2 years.

How does this help you become a NZ resident?

Studying the diploma will gain a minimum 50 (+5 possible bonus) points;

The job offer will gain 50 points;
Age from 20-29 will gain 30 points;
The total of 140 points meets the requirements of NZ
Immigration for residency (as of now);
When students gain 100 points, students can make an Expression of Interest.

Employment opportunities / Desktop support focus

Graduates might go on to work in areas like

  1. installing applications
  2. setting up new computers
  3. testing etc
  4. in a helpdesk (similar to BCS graduates however BCS graduates are likely to be placed in graduate training programmes with larger companies and progress along a different career path with more opportunities and higher salaries)


The previous programme, Diploma in Computing Systems, will now be an exit qualification only from the Bachelor of Computing Systems (2 years of the BCS) and will not be offered as a separate qualification.

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