Coromandel – New Zealand – Interview with a teacher from Campbell Institute


We are very sure that a lot of alumnis and current students are very happy to know a little bit more about this teacher. He is our Movie Master on Wednesday afternoon, IELTS god for many students, he is trying to write a book - gladly not during Academic Writing class, always shares chocolate with the Marketing girls and is extremly hilirious.... Kalito... Karlos or Käal...

Kaal Nikolic (34 years), Coromandel - New Zealand

Senior Tutor - General English, Academic Writing, IELTS Prep

1. How did you get into English Language Teaching?

A chance meeting and a twist of fate resulted in getting my
first job as a teacher in a small village in the Himalayas of
Nepal. It was an incredible, almost magical experience.

2. What different places, countries, have you taught in before?

I spent four and a half years teaching and training teachers in Japan and four years in Australia and New Zealand while I finished my Master of Education.

3. What do you particularly enjoy about teaching?

I love the diversity of cultures and personalities I encounter in the classroom. I enjoy helping students to reach their personal and academic goals.

4. What's the best thing about Wellington?

I love the wind (kidding!) Wellington is a beautiful, funky, artsy, compact city full of intelligent, creative, humane people. And then there are also politicians here....;)

5. If you could invite 3 people from history for dinner, who would you invite, and what would you cook?

Hmm a tough question. My first thought was to invite three very evil people because my cooking could have some positive results! However, I think if I could explore the minds of three of the most fascinating people in history while eating some of New Zealand's best seafood and white wine I would choose.

William Shakespeare

Bob Marley



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