Dominion English School

Dominion English School Auckland will, in the last week of June 2008, move from our current location (Customs St) around the corner to a new location at 155 Queen St where we will occupy approximately 1500 sq metres on two floors (8 and 9).

The move itself will take place on 28th/29th June and we open on Monday 30th June. Martin Wall, Principal and General Manager of Dominion English Schools said “the move is both timely and necessary given the growth the school is experiencing at this time of year. This move marks a turning point for Dominion!”

After considering several locations 155 Queen St rated best across a wide range of criteria... the building offers first class features in line with its top city centre location. There are excellent security features, efficient lifts, convenient transport facilities nearby and a lobby that rivals NZ’s best hotels. Within the school, the classrooms are all naturally lit, spacious and column free. There are improved self access facilities, a well stocked library and a movie theatre. Computer facilities are also being upgraded and WiFI and Internet connections are available free to students. The student lounges are larger and there is a dedicated student kitchen for preparing light meals. Free tea and coffee is available all day.

More than just English - Look at what we’ve got to offer:

Central city location
Near transport facilities and parking Excellent security features
16 naturally lit classrooms
Library and self access study area
Movie theatre
Free WiFi throughout the school
32 Internet ready computers
Student lounges
Dedicated student kitchen
Free tea and coffee all day
Pool table
Table tennis/indoor football
Student lockers

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