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Integrated Skills
A good General English programme should be based on "integrated skills". This means that classes combine reading, writing, listening and speaking. For example, maybe the teacher will work with a reading text in the first part of the lesson, then later the students will do a speaking exercise based on the new vocabulary or grammar that they found in the text. Finally, the students may be asked to produce some writing in response to the text and the discussion they had about the text. By the end of the day, the student has learnt new language and has used this new language in different ways.

This is why programmes that focus on "just speaking" or "just writing" can be limited in value. A good programme will use integrated skills.

Why do students pay money to study English in a language school? After all, students can easily access books and tapes and even find language buddies to practice.

The difference is feedback! To properly learn a language, you need feedback. For example, if you make a grammar mistake or pronunciation error, a teacher can point this out to you, and this increases the chance that next time you'll get it right. If you have no feedback, your progress will be much much slower.

A good General English teacher provides a high level of feedback, and also makes sure that feedback is given to students in a way that does not damage their confidence.

Why General English at Campbell?
Skilled Teachers
Our teachers all hold university-level, professional qualifications in Teaching English. It's not just enough to be a native speaker. For example, it takes a skilled teacher to provide the right level of feedback for students. Too much feedback can interfere with communication confidence. Not enough feedback could lesson a student's motivation. The Campbell Institute has a regular Professional Development programme for all teachers to help build these skills.

Language Workshops
Every student can access weekly Language Workshops, FREE of charge. A language workshop is a 15-minute one-to-one lesson with one of the school's teachers. During these 15 minutes, the student can chose to focus on whatever they want - conversation, help with writing, or maybe the student has grammar questions from class. Full-time students have 2 workshops per week, and part-time students have 1 per week.

Programme Structure
Our morning classes focus on input - new vocabulary and new grammar. This is the time of day when the brain is more open to learning new information. Then, the afternoon classes provide opportunities to use and practice the new language, through speaking or writing activities. This type of structure maximises a student's learning.

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