Student Accommodation in New Zealand

Thousands of students visit New Zealand each year to study different types of courses. From high school students to university graduates, numerous international youngsters check into the country to study because of excellent education opportunities available in various localities in New Zealand.

Accommodation for students varies from homestays, hostels, to independent apartments, student sharing flats, and work-cum-stay facilities. About NZ$10,000 per year is easily spent on accommodation for students residing in moderately safe student accommodations.

High schools and many language schools are situated at pristine locations in the city centres of New Zealand’s metropolis and therefore offer usually homestays. Students that book homestay for accommodation will live with a New Zealand family and get their own room in their house. Usually homestay includes half board which means that breakfast and dinner as well as lunch during weekends would be served. Fees depend on location and school and vary from 220 - 280 $ per week.

Internationals students studying secondary education at high school usually must stay with a host family. Being under the age of 18 requires a guardian and all homestay parents for high school students are especially trained to accommodate younger students. As guardianship fees are often included in the homestay fee, weekly fees for high school students are usually higher. Homestay is the right choice for students that only stay for a couple of weeks or months or for those who like living in a family environment and mix with the locals.

Student Hostels and Halls of Residence
On campus residential localities are also available in universities and colleges. Students need to abide by basic rules at the Hall of Residence or on-campus hostels. Students on campus have access to Internet facilities, libraries and entertainment areas (student clubs, sport facilities etc). Some campus residences might also include room service, food and basic amenities. Students may have to pay more for some of these facilities. The student hostels are also sought-after by students studying tertiary education. Single to twin-share rooms are furnished. Warden is available to address the requirements of the students. One can meet students of different countries, and adapt to multi-cultural environment.

Rented Apartments
Going flatting is common among foreign students who are planning to study abroad in New Zealand. Some opt for independent apartments while many go for flat sharing. Apartments could range from 1-to-5 rooms. There are some organizations which arrange for rented houses just for the students. You can also depend on an online search to get the right connection. Cost could range from NZ$120 to NZ$250 per week.

Student Mess and Dormitories
Many students stay at dormitories with fellow classmates and college mates. Although the students can generally stay independently, a student mess has strict rules, such as deposit issues, attendance, and so on.

Service for Accommodation
Some survive on “stay in-Lieu for service”, such as sitters and Au Pairs. Surveys reveal that most common form of accommodation in New Zealand is a homestay that make near 40 percent of the students coming from abroad. Rental accommodation takes the next place at little less than 40 percent. 10 percent or so take up student hostels.

While many accommodation providers are honest and friendly, the internet makes it easy for people to offer forged accommodation that not belong to them or not even exist. Not much can be done by the police to prevent fraud as imposters are often overseas and not even living in NZ.Therefore we advise that if you book your accommodation through a private person in NZ, please only pay a small deposit to show you are willing to enter in an agreement and sign any contract after you have seen what you will book and where you will live. Always pay by Paypal or directly into a New Zealand bank account and never through Western Union or other providers where you payment cannot be traced.

Studying and living in New Zealand can be done effortlessly if you know the right approach. Talk to our student adviser for details on various types of accommodation while booking your course.


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