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Living in New Zealand is Fun though Students must Take Care of the Cost of Living, Job-Prospects and Tough Climate Conditions

New Zealand is a picturesque country that commands a high rate of expatriates from all parts of the world. Tourists, working-holiday travelers, international students, and skilled foreigners regularly throng the place with a hope for greener pastures in this country. Nevertheless, one must take care of basic needs while living in New Zealand.

Although New Zealand is not a very big country, yet it has diverse topography and many islands. Most of the populated cities are in North Island while South Island mainly constitutes scenic landscapes, mountainous terrain, and forests. Living in New Zealand is not difficult, unless however, international students or travelers take care of the basic needs. For instance, cost of living is high, English requirement is quite stringent, especially for people coming from non-English speaking countries, and climate is at times quite extreme.

Cost of Living
Living cost in New Zealand is moderately high. Normal expenditure could turn out to be $300 per week. Generally, electricity, phone, and net connections are part and parcel of the lives of the people. Surveys have showed that yearly income for households amounted to 60,000 Euro PPP. However, compared to the income, expenditure is low. Consumer goods are available at low rates, service tax is little more than 10 percent, and price of clothing is also low.

New Zealand is noted for its dairy farming, farming for seasonal fruits and vegetables, and textile manufacturing units. Consequently, the income of the people is high and good amount of the products from farmland, wineries, and breweries are exported each year. Hundreds of international students come over on working holiday visa and student visa to work part-time in these farms. Some work on voluntary basis also.

There are different types of accommodation available in New Zealand. While there are luxury hotels, suites, and guest houses, there are also affordable hostels, farmstays, and homestays. International students are often invited by the colleges and universities to stay at various homestays to avail secured and affordable accommodation. An exclusive one-night stay at a plush hotel would cost around $600.

Working in New Zealand
To work in the country for 1-2 years you must have a Working Holiday Visa (WHV), which are available under 25 schemes for various countries. A foreigner must also possess an IRD number from New Zealand Inland Revenue, without which you can be tax heavily under emergency tax code. Having a bank account would an added advantage. But you must have permanent New Zealand address for it.

With these tit-bits in mind, living in New Zealand is an attractive proposition for foreigners.


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