Lexis Japan

Lexis Japan has two great new promotion for students joining us at our new Kobe campus!

Choose Your Japan

We know that every student comes to Japan with unique ideas about the country they wish to experience. Kobe is the perfect location for this, too - easily accessible to the traditional capitals of Kyoto and Nara, just minutes away from the neon madness of downtown Osaka, and with a unique local culture all of it's own. Whatever 'Japan' you want to discover, you can find it in Kobe!

To help our students make the most of their time in Kobe, we're offering wonderful 'Japan experiences' to all students enrolling for 8 weeks or more. Whether your students prefer a night in a Zen temple, exploring a traditional hot springs town, a 'Kobe Beef' Michelin Star dining experience or even making the short hop across to Korea for a long weekend, simply confirm your preference when you book, and we will make the arrangements from there!

Email: melanie@australien-ausbildung.com


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