Cambridge Exam Prep

Cambridge Exam Prep

Cambridge Exam Preparation
The next Cambridge Exam Preparation starts soon. The exam preparation includes:

Demi-Pair Leisure Time


Every 4-6 weeks the Demi-Pair Programme Coordinators Raewin and Alicja, get together with the Demi-Pairs students for a leisure activity around town.

Our Demis study part-time at The Campbell Institute and barely have the chance to socialize with other Demis or students after school as they rush off to do their duty and look after children.
Some also help out over the weekends, or prefer to catch up with their studies and can not join the organised Campbell trips around Wellington and New Zealand.

It is a good chance for the Demis and the Coordinators to catch up on things like studies and the Demis have the chance to exchange experiences, get to know each other and perhaps even plan some trip around New Zealand together.

Our last activity took us on a little trip around the Wellington coast to visit an Island Bay cafe called The Bach. Unfortunately it`s in the middle of winter here, so it wasn`t possible to sit outside sun bathing, but enjoying pancakes and hot chocolate is just as good.

After a lovely brunch and some good laughs about "Elly and Sarah", we made our way to the Weta Cave, which is the exhibition area for the Weta Film Studio in Wellington. The Weta Cave shows a short movie about the work of Peter Jackson`s team and their most successful film productions; Lord of the Rings, King Kong and the latest as-yet unrealsed movie Avatar.

The Weta Cave is directly attached to the Studio and we could not resist a look around the corner. The Cave also gives visitors the chance to buy handmade mini film sculptures, books and see Golom up close!

Raewin, the Demi-Pair Programme Manager is a great entertainer and brought her friend Elly along.

If you wish to know how to embarress yourself in front of the most famous film studio and why eggs are your friends please do not hesitate to contact us.


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